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That’s a big move. Basically skipping all promotion and going straight to release. Should generate a lot of buzz, especially if the movies good.


There was the strange shot of something (a satellite) falling out of the sky in the Coney Island footage. Maybe this is what went on up there.


Visit Australia!


That would have been quite funny…If the entire internet hadn’t worked it out weeks ago.


Jurassic World - The 2nd trailer makes me more interested in it than the first one did. I’m semi-in.

Mission Impossible - that looks great! Mustache-Gate looks worth it.


So far CLOVERFIELD PARADOX is certainly a television movie. Every line of dialogue overtly states the plot. No subtlety

I’ll pass. The thing that attracts me to CLOVERFIELD is the remove the story has from the center of the event. When you put us in the middle of it, it’s not as novel.


Funnily enough that’s why the previous movie about the bunker would have worked much better in the Cloverfield world. Instead it was fully removed from it except for the name.

This goes full on into the Cloverfield with both legs when it actually would have been better without it. That and someone really enjoyed using the word Paradox while writing the script.

I had fun, but in the same manner one has fun watching The Outer Limits.


Yeah, it fortunately has a great international cast but a totally old television script. Movie of the week rather than sharp edge.


If I hadn’t known it was sold to Netflix a week ago I would have thought it was a straight Netflix original.

The cast is strong and the movie has some great ideas and even gags - but it tries so hard to appease fans of the original that it ultimately ruins itself. 10 Cloverfield Land has actually gathered a nice cult of its own, so it’s not like this couldn’t have weathered being solo as well.


Filmed in Hong Kong for guaranteed China release (I recognise the buildings). Although the trailer doesn’t suggest it’s necessarily set there.


Interesting that Sean Harris came back. They cut a lot of his scenes in the previous film, and he was reluctant to do that movie in the first place.



This one was funnier. :slight_smile:

And the ads are directed by… Steve Rogers…?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Holy Crap that Mission Impossible looks awesome!


Nice to see Julia/Michelle Monaghan’s return.


That’s what they want you to think!


It was CGI!



Yeah I am very much here for that.