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Directed by Robert Smigel, of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, weirdly.


I really thought for a second that the entire movie was just going to be the two of them in a car together.


It seemed like a very home movie/camera footage type thing.

Not that the rest looks any more interesting.


I think this is true as the implication is that he never had the high ground. :grin:


I think if you compare the standard of stories where there is a huge back story in the writers or actors minds you will see a pretty clear quality line seperating them with those that do not.


There’s no one way to create a story, or the characters that populate it.

One of my favourite films is ‘Casablanca’, and Rick has a very rich backstory. He was born in New York, ran guns in Ethiopia and fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil war, ending up in Paris with Ilsa before moving to Casablanca after she left him.

The thing is, most of that backstory was added during rewrites by a whole collection of writers who popped in and out of the development process. It wasn’t in the original play, it wasn’t even in the script when the film began pre-production at Warner Bros.

It wasn’t there to help develop his story or the overall plot, it was added to explain what he was doing in Casablanca and why he was (despite cynical appearances) a man who had had principles in the past and could have them again.

That’s working from the front to the back, but the film still turned out great.



I really liked Fate of the Furious and how utterly ridiculous it was. If he brings the same energy and silliness to Men in Black it could turn out really good.



I feel like this story has been done half a dozen times at this point.


Filmed not a million miles from me, which is always interesting.


I got the book for Christmas, but haven’t read it yet. I don’t really see DiCaprio as Da Vinci though.


The new Mission Impossible trailer will be out on Sunday, there’s a teaser running on Twitter;

All the ones on Youtube have been chopped about a bit too much by people trying to make more that 10 seconds of it.

The movie is still filming by the way. :slight_smile:

This post will not self destruct in five seconds.


“Disobedience” obviously didn’t get the memo that it’s set-your-trailer-in-a-car week :confused:


Wait, so this is, like, Die Hard, but with hillbillies with cars, and it’s set during a tornado disaster movie?



Dumbledore’s totally gay though.



Is that from the people who brought us SAN ANDREAS?


Some of them.


When does that guy fucking sleep?