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There was more of a case for Richie in the Static Shock cartoon.
After I heard it…I was like “Oh yeah, I see it”.


Holy shit. That actually reads like pure satire.

“It’s possible Ms. Rowling may be mistaken about her character.”

What a wholly ridiculous thing to say about any writer never mind one who spent YEARS living in her character’s spaces as she created and wrote them.


Agreed. It makes the writer of the article sound like a bit of a condescending ass.

It’s not like this is a comic character where she is one of many people to have written them.


Oh definitely.

It’s making a case for why we don’t have to accept it. Which comes off as incredibly short sighted.
And mean spirited.


Completely. When I read it back it’s in Piers Morgan’s voice.


I think another fundamental thing about it is that there is not much opportunity to fit anyone over 18’s sexuality into those books - much less a teacher or headmaster. Nor should there be. Dumbledore is an old man, how do you crowbar clarification he’s a homosexual into the story even if you want to?

As you say, it’s incredibly short sighted.


Exactly, that’s what I mean about not personally having seen any hints to it but also admitted that “what’s said is said”.

I mean, like you said - she’s the creator, they’re novels.


It’s the same for me. Word of god is is exactly that, the creator’s say is 100% accurate.

And as @RonnieM says, when it’s a sole creator like Rowling, there is no argument about different opinions aa far as word of god goes.


Also, until now, I didn’t realize there’s a specific sub-trope regarding this.


Apparently, something that a journalist should probably find out is whether or not there was a reason for Dumbledore not being expressly labeled as gay in the books.

Harry Potter has Albus Dumbledore. Rowling revealed he was gay after the end of the series note , and as a result of a fan asking her if he’d ever found love himself. He kept out of romantic relationships and such because he once fell for a man and neglected his family, resulting in horrible consequences and the death of his sister (and that’s not even getting into the fact that said man was Gellert Grindelwald, who would go on to become the equivalent of Wizard Hitler, as the previous Dark Lord before Voldemort). Essentially, Dumbledore is gay, but a Celibate Hero. This is also why Dumbledore isn’t a case of Bury Your Gays: he died not as a direct result of being gay, but to help his proteges. Justified trope: UK law at the time (Section 2A to the Local Government Act 1986) prevented any books containing gay characters from being included in school libraries. Yes, really. During a scriptwriting meeting for one of the Harry Potter films, she handed back a script page in which Dumbledore spoke about a girl he “knew” once with a note saying “He’s gay!”

That article really quite annoyed me as I’m sure you can all tell :joy:


Damn, there goes my “Harry was gay” Theory.


Just what do you lot think a “Goblet of Fire” might be, anyhow? Lots of wands about, too, being gesticulated. Direct reference to the Wizard’s Ball. (Sadly, that remains singular. Perhaps it became a Philosopher’s Stone.) Chamber of Secrets, with a giant snake inside, perhaps was so on the nose some missed it.

Shall we continue?


The most damning evidence?
Somehow ending up with Ginny.

Obvious beard.


And the closest thing to the Weasley he actually loved.


@Christian will be along shortly with ‘The Death of the Author’ to remind us that what the writer intended really doesn’t matter.

But I really think modern audiences, family audiences, can handle Dumbledore and Grindelwald having been a couple at some point.


Especially in a movie where one isn’t dead and the other is…Jude Law.


Capt. Jack Harkness appeared 13 years ago. The world survived.


Or did it!



On another note:

I love MacLaren (I’ve been rewatching Breaking Bad, and it’s gorgeous), but that seems to be an odd match of director and subject.