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I never trusted Mr. Rogers! Too “kindly”.

Captain Kangaroo, now, that was the shit!


With the stories about the third ‘Cloverfield’ film possibly going to Netflix, I’d forgotten there’s a fourth one in production;



I actually find this concept a little unsettling. Unless the film end with him realizing that it’s okay to be her best friend it seems like it sending a pretty disturbing message.


Have you seen ABOUT TIME?

For me, I don’t mind it because I’m pretty sure no one has the power to go back in time on multiple occasions to basically take advantage in romance (hey, all’s fair in love and murder, right?), and if they did… why not take advantage?

The trailer though seems a little short on real laughs, though.


Hope so as well. Usually in this sort of plot - which is about 90% of Rom-Coms - there’s a mutual attraction…which their first meeting has none of. She just generally seems friendly and there’s no hint on her end of looking at him different.

Even the worst romcoms get the mutual bit. So I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt since he seems to be put through the wringer and say its intentional.

Also I disliked About Time @BeingHenning cause that wasn’t handled well I thought. Although the other ancillary familial stuff was top stuff.


Yeah, it did seem a little psycho in places, but the tone and style were so harmless, it certainly avoided getting too creepy.

Though I certainly think the Groundhog Day concept has plenty of opportunity for a very scary horror movie where we follow the targets of a psychopath who has the reset power. Haven’t seen HAPPY DEATH DAY so maybe that uses it for the villain too.

Also, it would be interesting if when the hero resets, he actually splits into two people each time until he has the perfect life he wants, but there are like ten to fifteen versions of him out there.

Sorta like PRIMER, but told in a way that makes sense.

Or a story where the reset power happens to multiple characters over the course of the movie. Not the same one each time.


I think Groundhog Day is really the optimal way to do a “time loop” love story where they’re in the act of falling in love - I’ve seen variants where the deal is done and they’re already together and it’s more of a timing issue.

With About Time the time travel stuff for the romance bit really, well, sucked the romance out of it. I like Rom-Coms cause of the catharsis factor and the movie really negated all of that. While Groundhog Day had the more interesting angle of Phil also growing as a person in addition to it. It wasn’t just laying the odds and going through it again.

Also, tangential, Primer made sense - the narrator explained everything.


The issue I have with this concept is that typically with rom-coms, and the few time travel ones I’ve seen, is that the idea is the two people hit it off but something gets in the way of their relationship which then must be solved, the problem here is that the something is the woman. Their first night together is wonderful and pretty much perfect, he comes out of it in love but she comes out of it wanting him as a friend. He then spends many seemingly happy years as her friend but that’s no good enough for him. It’s a completely one sided romance. Which is creepy and gets in the whole friendzone nonsense.


I think a lot of Rom-coms, in general, send terrible messages. They love to sell the idea that men and women can’t be just friends. But yeah, in that trailer it did look like she wanted him as a friend but he’s willing to screw over her life to try to “fix” that. Not a great message.


It’s also not really the main focus of the film. A typical rom-com is they meet, have some reason to split up, great romantic gesture and get back together. In About Time they are married halfway through and the story is about the father and son.


And that part is nice.

I understand your worries @AntiChris and @Rory, which is why I’m giving this some leniency so far. It’s definitely not playing it for sympathy, more so for, well, putting him through his paces. As well as @BeingHenning said, it’s more the conceit therein being one that the character has access to - just thinking that there’s a lesson in this one rather than him being in some right.


I’ll still probably check it out because I like the cast. We’ll see how it turns out.


I’ll be the first behind ya if it turns out we’re supposed to be backing him. It’s one of the main reasons I have a crusade against Made of Honor - what a horrible pile of trash hahah.

And yeah, I like Adam Devine when he’s being cast in more of a goofball role, like his bit on Modern Family.
Though he does grate in the sorta loud frat guy stuff for me.



Tickets. Sold.


I hope no one thinks this tacky, or gets cross about it.


It’s from the director of The DUFF, which was better than the trailers made it look, but I’m still wary.


Reviews from Sundance call this the scariest horror movie in years (and are largely very positive).