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Is it possible they have different agents within the same company? They still might have shared a bit.


They almost certainly have different reps, WME is a very big firm.

But the reason you sign with a big agency is meant to be the breath and the depth of that agency.

They’re an army, they have people all over town, at all levels, and they coordinate this information… or that’s the sales pitch anyway.





It’s worth noting that a far earlier non-Spacey non-Williams news item about the reshoots had Wahlberg upset that they were effectively ruining Thanksgiving for him. So that’s certainly worth considering about his mindset going into them and whatever compensation he got for playing along.




I’ve heard good things about the play version of Ghost Stories, but I’ve also heard it’s fairly spoilable, so I’m going to skip the trailers on it.


Cool. Hope they do the material justice.


The trailer didn’t seem spoilery. It appeared to be aiming more for atmosphere than plot.



Wahlberg had co-star approval in his contract

Well, that’s just asking for it.
Skuzzy though.


I think that settles it; she could’ve got paid, she chose not to.

We’ll see if that’s accurate?


Exactly. Once again this is a product not a charity. There are reasons Wahlberg would have had those clauses in his contract.


Aye. It’s foresight and insurance.




Next let’s get him in Quentin’s Star Trek. :wink: