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That’s not quite the issue, is it? It’s not about peer pressure, it’s about holding an entire project to ransom for a pay-out (on top of his original fee). If they hadn’t paid Marky Mark and he’d refused to do reshoots, that’s the movie dead right there. Don’t think his agents didn’t know that.


Once again, your assuming a lot on his part largely on what Scott has said after the fact.

If you’re refusing to do your job for free when everyone else is, aren’t you holding the company for ransom? This shooting was obviously outside of his original contract much like your continued work without pay would be against your agreement with your employer. This film is not a charity just because they were making a noted financial decision to save the project.


And so they did their jobs.


To be fair I do agree with Scott and it was discussed at some length on the BBC film show this week, that if he hadn’t have reshot they’d have thrown the movie into the long grass, maybe to emerge on DVD in 2 years. Definitely they’d have found it almost impossible to promote.

It wasn’t a box office hit but it would have made nothing otherwise.


You could also argue this is on the studio too, though. Because they actually had a lot of power here. Marky Mark refusing to do reshoots for a movie replacing someone due to the whole sexual harassment scandal could have been a disaster for his career. That’s the kind of PR no one can afford right now. The last thing any actor wants right now is that kind of spotlight on them. The studio could have easily played hardball with him and his agents with that piece of information. It’s not pretty politics, but there it is.

So yeah, Marky Mark and his people may have been dicks (I don’t really know who knew what, but Marky Mark has never seemed like the nicest guy), but the studio dropped the ball here.


Definitely as well.


This is what we call etc etc


No I’m bloody not.


Yes, you are. :wink:

We can keep going or you can explain how you haven’t inferred or speculated more than what has been made public.


Everyone should’ve got paid. They didn’t cause this situation.

Williams, if she was uncomfortable taking the cash, could then donate her salary to a charity for abuse victims.

As could anyone else, if they wanted to.

We don’t actually know the order of events here but I would hope, that if Williams said she’d do it for nothing and Wahlberg didn’t, they would at least go back to Williams with that information.

They didn’t have to specify how much he was getting (assuming that no-one at his agency was bragging about it) but it’s crap if they didn’t tell her.


Wahlberg and Williams are both represented by the William Morris Endeavor agency. Actors pay a team of agents, managers and lawyers an average of 10% of their salaries to advocate for them.


Representatives for Wahlberg, Williams, WME, Sony, Imperative Entertainment and Scott did not respond to USA TODAY’s requests for comment.



This I wholeheartedly agree with.

I don’t know why some are pretending this film was a charity like Wahlberg was stealing bread from the mouths of poor children.


Now this is interesting.

Wouldn’t it have been in their self-interest to cut a deal for both of them?
Or was it just hedging bets?


We may find out. It’ll depend on how the story is followed up.

But if they were getting him paid and not telling her then I would expect her to be firing WME soon and looking for new representation.


Holy shit, they’re still making Hellraiser moves?


The production backstory behind this one is fun and probably more interesting than the actual product will be.


Care to share?

I honestly thought the franchise was dead after that awful found footage DTV sequel and the latest attempt at a reboot fell apart.


I’m in agreement that Marky Mark shouldn’t have to take flack for this, it’s really not his problem.

In my own work I have to take what I can earn. There’s a lot of times I get paid while others work for free and many where I get very little compared to someone else. I can’t be held accountable for what they choose to work for, only for what I do.


Maybe I’m missing something but it seems to be that the issue isn’t that Wahlberg got paid but the fact that his reps got him paid while not getting Williams paid, despite also representing her.


Oh, it’s all about determination.

This was originally pitched as a follow-up to that found footage one (stand alone but more put out after) but the pitch was rejected. Three times. Then Dimension accepted the Director’s other pitch. Which he then refused to direct. Then he quit - and retooled the movie into its own thing. He took this new pitch to kickstarter.

Dimension buckled and he took the kickstarter down once they acquiesced.
I mean, I hope its good after all that trouble.

Nah, I’ve seen a lot of online discourse badmouthing him centrally.


Ah I seem to have missed that. All the ire I’ve seen had been directed at their reps.

Is there somewhere that goes into detail about the Hellraiser film? That sounds hilarious and I’d love to read more about it.