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A 13 year old producer…

That’ll be fine. No problems there…


Okay, I think I just hurt myself laughing.


Stay classy, Marky Mark.


Hey, the funky bunch won’t pay for themselves


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Nah, in this case I think I’ll hate the player as much as the game.


Hollywood really is full of pure stupid. Here they were doing reshoots because of a movement started by women because they were being treated terribly in the workplace (in this case, Hollywood) and they go and pay the male co-star not just more for the reshoots, but over 1000 times more, than the female lead of the film. Granted, Spacey wasn’t accused of harassing women, but it’s still an impressively tone deaf moment. Good job to all involved…


Marks Mark decided to negotiate. They didn’t.

I blame Williams’ agent.


They were all reshooting as a good will gesture. Williams, and everyone else in the cast, voluntarily gave up their salary (the $1000 is a total of per diem expenses). Wahlberg decided to cash in on a scandal.


But if reshoots were in his original contract, then I doubt he would have been able to settle that deal. He’s a working actor and certainly has a lot of other things going on, so if they need him back for reshoots and to take time away from other projects, they’d have to make it worth his while. I may be wrong, but I don’t see an issue with it.


Agreed with Crague here.

I mean, if they all had a pact between them then I can say that it’s scummy. But there’s no evidence of that beyond Ridley’s belief that they all came back for cheap.

It might be opportunistic. But it’s not war profiteering and it’s his job. So I’m not going to fault Mark for taking an opportunity.


They’re only doing the reshoots because of the toxicity of one of the members of the cast. If they hadn’t removed Spacey, that film either wouldn’t have been released, or would have been castigated. Reshoots were in everyone’s best interests to save the project entirely. For Marky Mark’s team (who are from the same agency that represent Williams) to seize upon that opportunity to cut himself an extra payday, knowing that the rest of the cast and director were doing it for free, is a dick move and bad PR.


He’s doing the work he has every right to try and get paid for it.

It’s callous but thats it.


This is what we call the difference between legally acceptable and morally acceptable.


If all your coworkers showed up tomorrow and said they were going to do their jobs for free, would you? It sounds like he may not have been aware of this pact or he may not have been given a choice. It sounds like Williams and some others were happy to do it for per diem.

Salaries/pay are an odd thing where often people are quite happy with what they got for something until they know what someone else got. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be equality but sometimes our contentment seems to be predicated on where we stand with other people.


Morals and ethics aside, I don’t know who knew what about who was getting paid how much. Other than the studio. So I put this more on the studio for being stupid enough that they didn’t realize paying Marky Mark a ton for the reshoots and not anyone else was going to get out and make them all look like a bunch of asshats.


That’s some imposing morals.
Even Ridley went on record saying it was all about the business.


This is what we call the difference between legally acceptable and morally acceptable.


I say that’s really subjective, and whether it’s in the best interests of Marky Mark depend on him.

I wouldn’t argue against the point that it could be bad PR and a dick move, but I would argue that he’s definitely entitled to an extra payday. It would have been nice of him, given the situation to volunteer his time, but it may not have been practical in his life to volunteer that time. I know we are talking about big money here compared to what I earn, but I don’t have room to volunteer days of my time in lieu of a paycheck. I need my paycheck to support my life and my families life.