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As a Netflix series something like this would work really really well. With the right intensity it could be must-watch. The film seems to pushing a slightly more action vibe than that but still does look like it has elements of that mole stuff.


The BBC have another Le Carré series filming this year, directed by Park Chan-wook:


That sounds far more promising than an unneeded Night Manager sequel.


They’re still planning on that too apparently.


Well, yuck.

I dunno, it could be good I suppose but the series ended perfectly for me.



Tangential, but I didn’t know Billy Magnussen was going to be in Aladdin. He’s really blowing up and I love it. He’s great.


According to insiders, Sony and Wilson plan to follow in the footsteps of the recent success of “Logan” and “Deadpool” with an R-rated take on the comic adaptation that will be tonally and aesthetically influenced by high-concept, sci-fi blockbusters of the late ’80s including “Robocop,” “Terminator,” and “Total Recall.”


I could see him as Bloodshot.




Spawn doesn’t say a word the entire movie, and it’s the same way with Jaws.

I guess he never saw the “special edition”:


Is there really anything new to this? McFarlane has pitched it as a boogieman story since he’s been developing this version. At one point, it sound like a Sam and Twitch centered story. Sounds like he’s moved away from that now with it centered around “Sheriff Brody”. Is he afraid he might use something Bendis created and he’ll pull a Gaiman on him?

Also, who’s this Todd MacFarlane they keep talking about in the article?


Is it Seth’s brother?


Was debating whether to post this here or in the Marvel Movies and TV General Discussion thread:


Despite the jokes about Red Sparrow being the Black Widow movie Marvel fans have been waiting on, others called out the similiarities between the characters. Others compared Red Sparrow to other films, including last year’s Atomic Blonde. Others tweeted that just because these movies have female-led roles in traditional action movies, that doesn’t mean they should be compared.

This is true, but people ALWAYS compare films, it’s normal.

But more importantly; Red Sparrow’s story looks exactly like a Black Widow movie. Not just a passing similarity.

I hope its good.


A lot of the training scenes in the trailer looked shot-for-shot like Dottie, the proto-Black Widow in Agent Carter’s training


Very much so, and The Red Room, as shown in ‘AoU’ as well.

I don’t think anyone is ripping Marvel off here, Black Widow wasn’t an original idea, it came out of the spy stories of the Cold War, but ‘Red Sparrow’ could’ve been a Black Widow movie with (from what we’ve seen) minimal changes.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s a case of convergent ideas about cold war female spies,or some rumour of how they were trained that circulated in the 80s. It was more the similarities between the shots in both stories that amused me.


To be fair, it’s mainly the training stuff that looks similar. There’s none of the acrobatic combat that’s so associated with the cinematic Black Widow at this point.