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Yes, it’s called Shadowrun and it’s been around for 30 years.


That’s literally the first comment at the bottom of the io9 review.


But is there a movie? :wink:


This Shadowrun cover and ad has a million stories in it. I already know that I’ll enjoy Bright, but it will never come close to the entertainment I had as a kid simply staring at this picture for hours, intrigued by everything that was happening and wondering what was the story behind it all.


Let’s be honest, that’s not the picture you stared at for hours when you were a kid. You can’t post that kind of picture on this forum.


Don’t be so sure, there’s a reason I’m attracted to tight stomachs and girls with guns.



That does not look good.


Surely Overboard should be on the Never Even Try To Remake This list.


No such list exists.



The original Overboard is a fun movie, if you overlook how creepy the concept is…But that just looks shit.


‘Bright’ is playing in a few cinemas in London but I’ll catch it on Netflix, over Christmas. For better or worse.



Speaking of Rotten Tomatoes scores:


I think Tarantino is a good director, but I’m not that interested in a Star Trek movie he only directs, but doesn’t also write.


He’s probably not directing. He just gave them the story idea.



“Klingon, motherfucker, do you speak it?”


tera, p’tagh, ‘oH Dajatlh’a’?


I don’t understand how it can work. The first film already used every Abba song anybody knows, as far as I can see, so is this one going to re-use them all again, or is it going to use the obscure tracks nobody cares about?