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That kept seeming like it should be funnier than it was.




Woah, they should have switched the actors who play the young Firth and Brosnan. I was shocked that they were who they were.


Mamma Mia! was a load of old rubbish (to be fair with some great performances, Julie Walters and Meryl Streep never let you down) but I’m amazed it took them this long to follow up.

It made oodles of money, I believe it is the best selling DVD in the UK of all time.


I have to say, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is a fucking great title.


Come to think of it, The Force Awakens should have been called Star Wars: Here We Go Again.



Star Wars: Episode IV VII: A Newer Hope


Star Wars: Episode VII: Electric Boogaloo



Star Wars VIII: Impressively Out Of Place Telephone Call ‘On Hold’ Joke


Star Wars Episode VII: Same Hope, Different Day


That looks fun. I didn’t realize he was from Chagrin Falls. That’s Bill Watterson’s hometown too.


Bright is getting fairly mixed reviews.


So a future cult classic?
I dig it.


So far the reviews have been pretty consistent, which leads me to think that they’re accurate too.


Currently at 28 on Metacritic:

There is a whiff of an interesting idea in there, but it is buried in tedious scenes lacking clear direction, endless generic (and poorly lit) shoot-outs, and cringeworthy sequences of allegedly witty banter. This movie is an absolute wreck.



Little Bitches looks like its Superbad but with girls. Which could work. Besides, Superbad is, what…almost 12 years old at this point so a lot of the target audience was very, very young when Superbad came out.