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Not a huge Tarantino fan, but Star Trek is so far outside everything else he’s done that I’d be pretty excited to see what he’d do with the franchise.


Maybe a time travel caper where they drop into the 70’s Los Angeles drug and porn scene. :wink:

I think it would be interesting to revisit that world where everyone acted like prohibition era gangsters.

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Kirk, Spock and McCoy are taken to Okmyx’s office, where they learn that Okmyx is one of a dozen or so “Bosses” and that he has the largest territory on Iotia. The office contains a book (referred to as “The Book”) published in the year 1992 titled Chicago Mobs of the Twenties. Okmyx informs Kirk, Spock, and McCoy that “The Book” was left by the crew of the Horizon, and the landing party correctly deduces that the entire Iotian culture has been formed by “This Book”. Okmyx refers to the landing party as “Feds” and tells them he wants the Enterprise to furnish him with “heaters” so he can wipe out all of the other Bosses and take total control of the planet. Kirk refuses and Okmyx gives him just eight hours to provide the weapons or die.

I would like to see a Star Trek episode where the crew has to deal with a group of renegades who’ve set themselves up as God Kings on a primitive planet.

It would be cool if we spent the first 30 minutes in a primitive world that kinda looks like a period film before any Federation member even shows up. I like the idea of people thinking “did we go to the right movie?” before the Star Trekkin’ starts.


Star Trek has been going long enough, and there have been enough novels and comic books, that we know the universe is capable of accommodating multiple approaches to storytelling.

Cost, as in many areas of life, remains the deciding factor on which should be explored in which media?

I am completely open to all of the attempts to tell Star Trek differently. The lowest point (so far) for me, was ‘Enterprise’, but I don’t begrudge the ambition involved. Well done to everyone who tried to push the envelope there.

Shame it didn’t work. :frowning:

But while envelope pushing should continue, so should the traditional Trek. It’s not all about cold brew coffee, hipster, cool.

I want something I can rely on, along with the experiments. Let’s see both pursued,


STAR TREK, like most television, is more popular when it is comfortable and inviting. It’s hard to expect people worn out by real life - especially adolescents where even the slightest thing is impossible - to feel much satisfaction faced with heroes who pay the price for it. The promise of Star Trek is that if you do the right thing, then it will work out even when it looks like everything is about to be lost and ruined.

The “cutting edge” of Star Trek has been how far they push the severity and approach to defeat. How much can the heroes lose before they win?


And yet; ‘DS9’


Hmmm. Are you sure. Growing up there was episodes that genuinely scared me or freaked me out. And the type of subject matter could be adult without being X rated. Trek has alluded to sex and politics constantly in all of it’s incarnations.


It’s funny to see anyone think Tarantino doesn’t fit in with the Star Trek philosophy. His movies are invariably hopeful, even when they technically end on a down note (but then, that’s probably half the reason for all the time shifts in Pulp Fiction). I mean, you can read the ending to Reservoir Dogs any number of ways, but Harvey Keitel, the crook with the most integrity, is the one in the position to find out who Tim Roth really was. If it’d been anyone else, there would be only one conclusion possible. Jackie Brown is redemptive, and Kill Bill begins a series of unabashed happy endings. It isn’t until Hateful Eight that he returns to Dogs territory. And there’s also Death Proof, which is another Tarantino happy ending.

It’s too easy to interpret the outer trappings as the defining aspect of a story. But if the heart of the story celebrates the best of humanity, which is what Tarantino invariably does, then that’s pretty Star Trek. There have been plenty of Star Trek stories where the heroes have sort of go rogue to accomplish the job. That’s the definition of Kirk bucking the rules at every opportunity. This is going to potentially open the whole idea to a much broader audience, more of those people who never took it seriously, in a way finishing the job the popular success of the Abrams era began.


While he only wrote it, I think this is his most hopeful movie:


So did All In The Family and even Dragnet, honestly. But at the end of the show, all the problems were solved and the bad guys caught or punished with the good guys ready for the next adventure. There were very few that left you still uncertain by the end.


Look at Wrath, though? It’s not like the franchise can’t take an ending like that.


As long as they undo it right away.

Honestly, the riskiest Trek on screne was THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER because the woman died and stayed dead and that was the “right thing to do.”


True. It’s an insanely romantic movie, with a few twists. Great score.




well that looks…Kind of boring to be honest.


So was the previous one.
I just…did not care about the kids or their aunt, or anyone.


So there clearly has to be a twist right? That scene at the end has to be the middle point of the film and everything changes after that. Otherwise, that looks terrible.


The look of the film seems great. I enjoyed JW a lot, but this plot line seems…boring. They’re going to save the dinos? that’s it?


That’s what I’m saying. There’s got to be some kind of twist. Maybe the dinosaurs make it to the mainland en masse? So it’s a repeat of Lost World but bigger like how Jurassic World was Jurassic Park but bigger.


That’s not grabbing me yet either. Volcano disaster movie with dinosaurs? I just need the dinosaurs really.

Anyway, trailer tomorrow;