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You still can if you like. No one is stopping you. :slight_smile:


Paramount aren’t releasing it in cinemas here anymore, so he’d probably have to travel to the US. :slight_smile:


No-one’s stopping him. :wink:


I’m looking forward to it, but not that much. :slight_smile:


This probably belongs in the video thread but it’s clearly being used to pitch a third Gremlin’s movie so I thought I’d put it here.


If I could choose to see films day and date at home or in the theater, 9 times out of 10 I would choose at home. The primary reason I tend to even go to the theater to see anything is so I don’t have to wait months and have any element of surprise spoiled by geek media article titles.


Let’s be honest…2,000 would be a steal for a non-harmful lil’ Gizmo.


We have more than enough Gremlins movies. Hell, we have too many Critters, Ghoulies, and similar movies for that matter. What happened in the 80’s should stay in the 80’s!


Wait a minute, I think we had just enough Critters movies. Given that the fourth one was the best one, it’d be a shame if it had stopped before that.


I’d be interested in a Gremlins continuation/reboot. If only out of curiosity. I doubt they could recapture the magic of the original. Because the 80s was a weird time. But Gremlins remains one of my favorite Christmas movies. I think there’s still fun to be had with the franchise.


And it’s a weird movie, actually, as Cracked has pointed out many times.

A large part of the appeal has to be that these creatures are actual puppets that are in the scene with the people. When they remade Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark with animated tooth fairies, it wasn’t nearly as good as the fakey puppets.



The franchise is getting further and further away from Roddenberry’s original vision.

Whether it is good or bad, I don’t know. To each their own. I don’t know if a Roddenberry-like movie would work for this generation of an audience.


But I would’ve liked to see Star Trek: Federation more than anything out right now. That sounded neat on a base level.


Original Roddenberry or 70’s Roddenberry?

Because they are quite different things.



I mean the Star Trek TOS which first introduced the ST universe to everyone.

In all fairness, though, an old franchise, character, etc. has to be redone for a new generation of moviegoers or else it will be dated. Think of the old Robin Hood by Errol Flynn in his tights. Or Batman and Superman as they were back in the day. Daredevil, Tarzan, James Bond, etc. I could go on…


I’m ok with it, if it works.

But I don’t want to lose Roddenberry’s optimism.

As a fan I know he was a complex man and he had his darker side etc. etc. etc. but he wrote about a positive future. He wrote about people trying to keep it positive.

You can say “fuck”, and still be positive. That’s fine with me.