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Was thinking this was a follow-up to the perhaps ill-conceived mockumentary, based on that title, but clearly it isn’t. But still looks fascinating.



Solid choice I think. Eddie the Eagle was a fun little film.


Unexpected move, but Fletcher did a very good job directing ‘Sunshine on Leith’.


So long as he wasn’t press ganged into taking over the movie.


Fletcher was actually involved with the movie quite some time ago, when SBC was still attached and before Singer came in as director.

This is from 2014:

This film has had quite a history. I hope it’s worth it in the end.


You’re excellent at these word Games, Master.


We’re a real band of brothers.


Hopefully he’ll be able to save the production from certain Doom.


I guess this puts the Blade Runner sequel on hold :frowning:


Unless Ash is actually a replicant.



I said replicant not duplicant.


Does this mean @Lorcan_Nagle failed the Voigt-Kampff test and it’s time for him to enjoy “retirement”?


Is this testing whether I’m a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr. @Todd ?


Replicant. We already know you’re a lesbian.



Yeah, same here. Very much looking forward to it.