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I really liked the first one, its had a lot of charm as well as spectacle, but I’m struggling to really work up the enthusiasm for a sequel.

I hope the jaegers don’t bomb.




The studio, which has about two more weeks of principal photography remaining on the film, is expected to name a new director within the next few days.

Just two weeks.

Now two weeks can seem like an eternity if you’re really in a bad situation, but still…


Another one bites the dust.


I wonder if Fox will rethink him for the next X-Men movie?


I take offence at this innuendo.


Well, Kinberg already directed the next of the main series. I feel like it’d be an easy out already.



What a world we live in!


I can’t even imagine what a Tarantino Star Trek would look like. Bet New Line is really regretting not jumping on his Friday the 13th pitch now.


It’ll all happen on the bridge of the Enterprise and be a stand off to find out exactly which one of them is actually an alien shapeshifter. :wink:


I assumed it would be them sitting in the mess hall discussing how odd pre-warp human pop culture was.


Vulcans will be saying the N-word far more than they do now.





Only Vulcans can say that!


What can would a Vulcan can, if a Vulcan could can cans?


The logical one.



A beer can then :smiley:

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