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I’m still waiting for a sex scandal to come his way and nuke him.



I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet. Stories about his preference towards teenage boys have been circulating for years


Two points perhaps;

(1) Maybe those stories are true and maybe they’re not, but so far they’re just stories.

(2) When Zack Snyder steeped away from Justice League because of family tragedy we decided, as a forum, to be careful about discussing him and the movie. Since Singer has stepped away, for now at least, because of some sort of health problem in his family, maybe we could try to follow the same course?

If the news changes we can take it from there?


Not with Singer. There was a high-profile case some years ago in which specific allegations were made and denied.

I seem to remember they were discussed here, and from memory I think people were quite careful and respectful when they did so.

This is what became of Egan (and the lawsuit).

I agree though that the recent news of Singer’s health issue isn’t necessarily an excuse to drag that history up again.


They weren’t just denied, they were withdrawn by the man who accused him

Maybe this will all kick off again tomorrow, maybe even this afternoon, but until it does it is just stories.


Yes, that was in the second link I posted.

I think that, when specific allegations are made and legal action taken, it goes beyond stories.

Otherwise, you can characterise pretty much all the allegations against high-profile figures over the last couple of months as still being “just stories”.


Has the story developed more since first reported? Link above seemed to suggest that the “health issue” was just a cover since they have no idea where he is or what he’s doing. The article said he had repeatedly gone missing from set without explanation and has now been gone for three days still without a reason provided.


And when that legal action is withdrawn?

Singer may be a saint or a devil, but none of this was even mentioned in the story that was posted.

Some reports that there were arguments on set;


Seems like Singer disappearing from set is s pretty common occurrence. This is from the Hollywood Reporter link above:

Singer at times has been known to be troubled: Executives who have worked on his movies say the director was sometimes erratic, often complaining he was in pain, at times appearing “heavily medicated” and sometimes failing to appear on set. But it seems only on Singer’s 2006 Warner Bros. film Superman Returns did these issues contribute to budget overages. There were widespread rumors that Singer’s partying was part of the problem, but a friend who visited the set says that was not the issue. “There were times that production was interrupted or delayed,” says this person, but the problem was Singer “battling his own demons” with respect to medication.


Unless he has some undisclosed, and long term, medical problem (which is entirely possible, people are under no obligation to share their medical issues with anyone except their doctor) it sounds like pain killer addiction. Or both.


That does seem like the most likely scenario, yeah.

I am sure things get very difficult when someone tasked with realised a project with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars cannot function normally in everyday life anymore. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get it together to finish the movie, and then take the time to deal with his demons.


The Queen movie seems cursed in a way. Honestly, it doesn’t really feel like there is enough there to justify the trouble of making it. From what I’ve heard, it seems like it is a very sanitized version of the story anyway and you don’t want to see a Queen movie without all the crazy sex, drugs and rock & roll dimmed down, do you?


I’m thinking a whole lot more Ken Russell myself.


Good poster.


That ‘Frozen’ short that was annoying people in front of ‘Coco’?

It’s toast;


So you could say they’ve…Let it go.




Let it goooo!