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I never saw The Hollars, but Brief Interviews with Hideous Men was bad. A few good scenes, but for an 80-minute movie it felt about three hours long.


Grindelwald’s right there… why is everyone standong about? Get him!!


Only Muggles can see him.


He’s so dastardly.


What is the movie about? I played the game a lot back in the arcade days, but I can’t even really remember the premise other than smashing buildings.

If I was going to pitch it, certainly I’d make the giant monsters the “good” guys. Essentially, they are docile, harmless and even friendly creatures in their natural environment - Giant Island - where they are monitored and managed by the GPS (Gigantozooic Protective Services), the Kaiju equivalent of Fish and Wildlife. Think BPRD meets Parks and Recreation.

However, when a billionaire hires poachers to tranq and steal a few of the creatures for his own private zoo in upstate New York, naturally, all hell breaks loose and the not entirely competent GPS staff have to go to New York City (or San Francisco) to rescue the monsters hopefully before the US military mobilizes to kill them.


That was the premise. There’s no more to recall. :smile:


I thought that was the premise of the game. It used to frustrate me so much because it never went anywhere.


It was. It was a perfect arcade game. I’ve no horse in the race for it being a movie adaptation, but it looks like this is a movie about Dwayne Johnson, the antithesis of the characters you actually controlled in the game. Obviously I haven’t seen even a trailer yet, but the poster is made the way it is for a reason, no? Probably?



I guess they were desperate for any way to differentiate it from King Kong and Godzilla.


But it reminds me a lot of Emmerich’s version…just not as fun looking.


The director must have a weird fetish for The Rock flying helicopters. That’s two movies now.




Three words, Miqque.

Elvis Presley Movies.


He was the King!


I wish they had kept the original reasons for the monsters:

Up to three simultaneous players control gigantic monsters who were formerly human. The game’s protagonists are George, a King Kong-like gigantic gorilla transformed by an experimental vitamin, Lizzie, a Godzilla-like dinosaur/lizard transformed by a radioactive lake, and Ralph, a giant werewolf transformed by a food additive.

Here’s your game play:

As monsters, they need to raze all buildings in a high-rise city to advance to the next level, eating people and destroying helicopters, tanks, taxis, police cars, boats, and trolleys along the way.

The monsters can climb the buildings, punching them to pieces on the way down which will eventually reduce them to rubble. The various people can also be punched or grabbed and food items can be eaten. The player’s monster receives damage from enemy bullets, sticks of dynamite, shells, punches from other monsters and falls. Damage is recovered by eating the various food items such as fruit, roast chicken, or even the soldiers. If a monster takes too much damage, it reverts into a naked human and starts walking off the screen sideways, covering its modesty with its hands (and in this state, can be eaten by another monster). If the player continues, the human mutates back into the monster or (if the human walked off the screen) flies in on a blimp (but has lost their score), with a full life bar.

Smashing open windows generally reveals an item or person of interest, which may be helpful or harmful. Helpful items include food or money, while dangerous ones include bombs, electrical appliances, and cigarettes. Some items can be both; for example, a toaster is dangerous until the toast pops up, and a photographer must be eaten quickly before he dazzles the player’s monster with his flash, causing it to fall. When a civilian is present waving their hands at a window signaling for help, a player’s points rapidly increase when the person is grabbed. Each monster can hold only one type of person: George can hold women, Lizzy can hold middle-aged men, and Ralph can hold businessmen.

Rampage is set over the course of 128 days in cities across North America. The game starts in Peoria, Illinois and ends in Plano, Illinois. In Plano, players receive a “mega vitamin bonus” which heals all the monsters and provides a large point bonus. After this, the cycle of cities repeats five times. After 768 days, the game resets back to Day 1.


Looks like someone else is interested in Fox: