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Abe Sapien is interesting in relation to Mignola’s original HELLBOY series more than the film. There were implications that he actually was the Hellboy universe’s version of a pure blood “Deep One” and maybe royalty in his own right.

Maybe the remake will be more Lovecraftian in that regard. In the first few arcs of the comics, Liz seemed more likely to get romantically involved with Abe than with Hellboy.


That was abandoned pretty quickly. In BPRD it was shown that he was human and transformed into his aquatic form.


My impressions (and it’s based purely on Mignola on Facebook and the official press releases) is that this is more like the comics but in the sense that hell and demons play a part, rather than the Lovecraftian scifi weirdness he also incorporates.

I love Mignola’s art but his writing is something special; very few people manage to combine Christian/Lovecraftian ideas without them imploding together.


I think it tended to work because it wasn’t just Christian/Lovecraft ideas, it was just about every mythology he could get his hands on. There were so many ideas and concept that they never rubbed against each other in the wrong way because he was constantly moving on to something else. I think the only time it didn’t really work was when he first introduced the Visitor in the very first arc. It felt weird to go from mythology and supernatural scifi to straight scifi in a single page.


That’s dumb. This sort of thing is why I do not read BPRD. Also, the poor art.


So looking forward to this film. :wink:


So, the budget keeps climbing and Netflix are being cagey about how much of a theatrical release they’re going to give/allow for the movie?

I expect this to keep generating coverage.



Disney doesn’t need to buy them off, they can afford to fight, for years in necessary, so this will probably come down to who has the best paper trail? Who can prove their idea was written down, when, and who had access to it?


They said right off they were pirates…



I’m pretty sure the trailer for Rampage lands today too.


The poster appeared on Facebook last night (7 hours or so ago) and the caption said “New Trailer Tomorrow”, so sometime tonight (GMT).


Based on the classic game, but in a way that totally negates the premise of the original game. Perfect!!



Large scale image of the cast:



That looks really good.


It does, though Krasinski’s other movies as director have me somewhat cautious.


I haven’t seen any of his other films. I remember the drama he did got fairly good reviews.