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I don’t know, I thought that Neonomicon was pretty effective horror in its own way. (And Providence after it.)


I’m talking specifically about the sex scenes. Lovecraft implied that the Deep Ones had sex with humans, Moore shows a version of that and it becomes black comedy.

I think Lovecraft had the correct approach, in that specific instance.


I found those scenes horrific and disturbing, I didn’t get any humour from them at all. If there was any intended then I didn’t pick up on it.


I wont post the picture, I’ll just say fountain of semen.

It’s not meant to be laugh out loud, Moore doesn’t really write that sort of humour, it’s mean to be something you wince at.


Providence though made the sexual horror stuff beats in the larger cold atmosphere that Moore and Burrows had set up. Neonomicon is just blunt in all areas of execution - the characters, the world, and the sexual elements that it just doesn’t work.


I agree. I remember finding that comic very unsettling and was quite disturbed after reading it.

Maybe a single panel out of context could look amusing, but it’s certainly not in the context of the full comic.


I guess as a Lovecraft fan, Moore’s oblique uses of the issue titles and the riffs on dialogue, plots, and characters from the mythos…it all helped to compound it as very silly.

“Warren is dead you fool”, Get it?

And that is an actual line from the story. Providence cared so much more about tone that it made the sex scenes there horrifying.


It’s pretty clear that The Shape of Water is a repurposing of Del Toro’s ideas from his Creature from the Black Lagoon attempt. As I remember it, his big idea was to flip the original concept on its head and have the woman fall in love with the creature, who was more evolved.


Wasn’t Fincher’s “The Game” that kind of story twenty years ago?

I thought it looked more fun than I would have expected. And I actually gave a little laugh at the squeaky toy.


This is a German production, apparently, though obviously it takes place in Tehran (and was made by an Iranian director). Looks very interesting.


If I were one of Universal’s lawyers I might’ve asked for a few more changes to the ideas.


Yeah it was but it never became part of a trend. There’s been a real glut of this type of story in indie films in the last 5 years or so.


Ah, okay. I hadn’t realised it’d become that much of a thing.


Well, it never happened so they probably did. :smiley: I believe there was more to his idea too, the lagoon was like a primordial paradise or something. I don’t really remember now. The part that always stuck out to me was the idea of making the woman fall in love with the creature.

Yeah, it’s weird, I’m not sure why it’s been such a thing recently. There’s been several, mianly played as comedies, that have used the concept in the past few years. Here’s a couple that I could remember off the top of my head.


Ah, I remember the trailer for “Fear, Inc.”! I’ll have to keep it in mind, it looks really fun.


I have… not hear good things. :rofl:


Such a shame! Well, maybe still something to keep in mind for the right kind of evening. One that involves a particularly high investment in beer.



Now the Lyricists bit has me interested. I thought that La La Land as a pretty blah musical, alright drama though, and I wonder whether that result was on their part as well or not. The main song though…sounds nice if a bit too overtly “it’s a single”.