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It’s harder than it looks. I don’t see Film Crit Hulk with any successful film universes under his belt, unlike his brother regular Hulk.


Film Crit Hulk is secretly JK Rowling.


Oh… shit.

Well, he/she certainly showed me then.



Been waiting to see footage from that. Wish it were a bit more cynical looking, but seems neat.


Man, the only part of that I even smiled at was the squeaky toy at the end. I guess it could be good but that trailer certainly didn’t convince me.

It’s kind of interesting that Hollywood is finally doing this type of story after years of indie films doing it.


Yeah, like there’s parts where it could easily (and actually needs) some edge to the proceedings, but plays it safe. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more clips though to see if it looks at least consistent.


I do not think any completed film has ever been pulled to do whatever they’re going to do to “remove” Spacey. This is unprecedented.

Which means there is a hell of a lot more to this story!


From the comic by Brisson, Walsh, and Bellaire.


I read the series. It was okay.



I don’t know if this will be a “fun” film at all, most likely adjective “intriguing”.

Maybe Sam can pull the acting chops out for this one. And then …

Snakes On A Plane 2: More Motherfucking Snakes On the Motherfucking Plane


I always though Sharks On A Train might make a good sequel…


You certainly have sharks on the brain.


Sharks on a BULLET Train would be a lot of fun.

Pretty soon, I imagine we’ll get a thriller set in a self-driving bus that comes under the control of a mad hacker. SPEED: AUTODRIVE!

Sony doesn’t fill me with confidence these days. Wasn’t Vigalondo attached to SUPERCROOKS?

I like those concepts though. Kinda like FREEJACK or SOURCE CODE, there is still a lot of room for science fiction thrillers primarily interested in entertainment.


His name is on the first issue’s credits I think.
I have that floppy somewhere around here.


OOh. I like that one!


Guillermo del Toro is sharing concept art for ‘The Shape of Water’, I don’t think they’re that spoilery, but click at your own risk;


His “creature” reminds me a little of NEONOMICON’s “hentai-esque” Deep One.

(note: that was about the only “safe” image I could find)

In other news, as usual with GDT, I never know what he’s working on until it is actually cancelled.

Del Toro really does have a similar approach to these movies that gave the early horror films their psychological punch. I still think The Wolf Man is probably the most fascinating of the old ones and Del Toro would be a great director for it.

Ironically, the remake with the “other” Del Toro completely removed all the most interesting elements from the original.


The Shape of Water’s creature is like a re-imagined Abe Sapien design, who was a re-imagined Creature from the Black Lagoon.

No spoilers, but the fan theory that its an Abe Sapien origin film is wrong, there’s no direct connection to the Mignolaverse. Some ideas cut across all the amphibian man ideas though.

‘Neonomicon’ was Moore’s attempt to show what Lovecraft only hinted at, which he did, but it also proved that hinting is a better approach for some of horror ideas.