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your grandkids, maybe, Old Man. i’m sure Finn, Bucky, and the other MW offspring will be just fine in figuring these kind of things out.


Pfft. They have smarter parents!


Pretty sure that’s Bruce Wayne.


Delving a bit further into when the [third] film might begin development, Scott revealed “It’ll be out within a year and nine months. It’s weird when you’re writing, doing, planning, thinking about franchises, it’s amazing how it opens up and starts to evolve.” Declining to divulge a title for the project, Scott did tease he might make “maybe two more [films], or maybe one more.”

Seems like he’s wafting between finishing up the Alien Prequels as a trilogy while also juggling with wanting to open David up as a franchise starter himself.


I don’t worry what Ridley wants with Alien anymore. I think he’s made two bad films and I’m just trying to forget they exist.

Anything he does outside this arena though, I’m still interested in.


All the Money in the World does look like fun, real interested in that.
I just want to see where David ends up. What a delightful plotline stuffed into a clunky shell.

Like Peanut M&Ms


David who? :innocent:


I’ll need to see the revised trailer after these reshoots happen to make my judgement though.


That’s awesome. I’d assumed Covenant was the end of Scott’s Alien-verse films. Hopefully now the studio will let him shift focus off the xeno again.


Yeah. Scott had always said he wanted to do one more movie to close out the prequels, but it’s good to hear some recent talk of it. It’d be easy to shove it under the rug, honestly. But for all his faults, Scott is a stubborn old goat and closing it out and then expanding is the way to go.


I thought Covenant was the last because it didn’t do well with audiences. I’m glad he’s still pushing through. I’d say about 60% of that movie is up there with the best of this year.


Honestly, like I posted in the “Watching” thread - there’s a fan-edit out there that combines the two current prequels and focuses only on David/Walter…and it’s such a masterful narrative thread.

It’s just the fat and the trappings that these movies can’t get quite right. But yeah, it’s better to see it to the end than truncate it out of nowhere. And to see where it can go/if it does go when unencumbered.


Actually…If you cover the top half of the face he’s the spitting image of Batman too. Weird that?!


I think you mean Birdman.


No, it is the greatest superhero of them all - Mr Mom!


I assume that one of the reasons for casting Plummer (apart from his acting ability) is that he’s older and will require less make-up to look enough like Getty to play the character?


The article I read said he always wanted Plummer as first choice anyway (and he is closer to the correct age) but the studio wanted a bigger name.


Also entirely possible.

And he’ll be great, that’s a given.