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I guess the mouse buying the fox is the only way Marvel would get X-men and FF. :thinking:


True although I think our sample as comics films is probably putting a bit too much importance on that element. :smile:


A few journalists are also not going to review Disney movies in advance which is of course a lot of movies. However, it is unlikely that Disney really needs reviews to get people to see their films.


So it’s also half romantic-comedy.
This is just brimming with originality.


Ach, I think it looks fine for the right age of kids.

Never seen Domnhall Gleeson do full-on comedy before, either. Looks like he’s enjoying himself.


Oh yeah, nah I’ll probably watch it on a rainy day.
Reminds me of a more energetic Garfield movie. Like…immensely.



I can’t be the only one who thinks Gnomes was meant to be played by Alan Cumming right?
Just look at him.

Also, Chiwetel as Watson is a piece of inspired casting that is way above this thing.
Like, that should be casting in a show or live-action movie.



Now, that couldn’t have a durned thing to do with the throne changes in a certain Saudi kingdom, could it?



Does the timing work though? They have concluded talks with Disney which would mean this would have been in the works for at least weeks and probably months. The Saudi arrests were last week.


And Disney have folded:


Maybe one for the Box Office Mojo thread?


Surprising no one…


Marvel Studios still has the best playbook for rolling out a franchise.


Almost :wink:



How many people paid to see The Founder?

Now, how many paid to see Spider-Man: Homecoming?

I rest my case.


Wow, The Vulture was behind McDonald’s. Marvel really are the best.


Wondering if that’s “public” timing. Lost of shenanigans going on in plenty of places, and it may be up to our grandkids to suss this whole mess out.