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I really hope this is a publicity tactic and that everyone is onboard for it.

Because if it’s not…


That’s a pretty bad trailer for what you can still glimpse is probably a very good movie. I do not think that they know how to market what they’ve got there.

That “Ballad of Lefty Brown” trailer is pretty bad, too, and once again I think there might be a pretty good movie behind this…

And what’s going on here? That Pottersville trailer is also terrible! I think in this case, the movie might be terrible, too, though. Which would be a shame, as they’ve got a great cast.

“I, Tonya” on the other hand - great trailer for what looks like a great movie. Definitely in for this one.


That’s a ridiculous cast for a completely unnecessary movie.


Scar’s still British I see. :guardsman:


Scar is the only casting I think is perfect.
Like…alright, woot.


Can’t really argue with Mufasa.


Too obvious. I mean, oh James Earl Jones.
Like before?

It only underlines how needless this movie is. Scar’s though? I can dig it. It’s exciting.


You’re right, they should have offered it to Joe Pasquale.


Aren’t bad guys supposed to be British?





It’s the night of November 5th, anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and steeped in historical significance, plus fireworks!

So I did what any sensible person would do and sat in a warm, comfy cinema with a bar, sipping whisky and watching a documentary on the ‘Psycho’ Shower scene.

Cheers! :tumbler_glass:

It’s good, it’s a lot of opinions, but they’re intelligent, well informed opinions. I did learn a few things about the film I didn’t know.



I knew when I was barely able to perceive objects, and my parents strollered me into the first day at Disneyland and often after, that the giant whale mouth from Pinocchio combined with the pervasiveness of Monsanto, meant that Disney would eventually eat the world.

So far, I’m spot on.


The biggest element of this for me is that Disney would get Sky, which Murdoch is currently trying to take full control of.


It’s jumping a few levels on. Latest hints I am hearing is the deal is dead.

Media for me is consolidated enough, no more needed and ban them all.


Yeah, it’s being reported as dead, but the source in the story that broke it specifically mentions Sky (or the bit Fox currently owns) as an asset Disney would gain.

I’m generally against media consolidation too, but the Murdochs losing their grip of any bit of British media would be fine by me.


Murdoch is much worse than the Big Evil Carrot - he’s efficient.


I think Murdoch’s kids are more competent than Trump’s spawn.