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Wow. That looks really, really good. In fact, it seems like a bit of a shame that this one didn’t get a wider theatrical release.


If you’re going to post that song…


The trailer for Daddy’s Home 2 played before Thor Ragnarok the other day. It’s got Mel Gibson as Marky Mark’s dad, Jon Lithgow as Will Ferrel’s dad and John Cena’s got a bigger role (after a cameo in the first). It’s a pretty safe bet that at the end, someone’s going to turn up as Cena’s dad (probably just as a cameo) but I’ve been trying to think who. Hulk Hogan would be the obvious choice, if he wasn’t (rightly) out of favour these days. But it’s a film starring Mel Gibson, so I wouldn’t rule him out entirely. But beyond him…? Jesse Ventura maybe? Any guesses?



That’s a good choice!



Woah what a list.
The remake of Evil Dead over the actually kinda creepy original?

What an apt name for a website :wink:



When I read this a couple of months since it was posted, the Hurricanes have fallen out of my memory’s fashion. (I apologize but I live north of europe. These things happen.)

“Harvey relief fund” still seemed topical enough, though.

I was just thinking of the wrong Harvey.



Sly? Arnold?

No, wait…

Chuck Norris.

Who else?



Danny Devito.


Starry Eyes didn’t wow me but good for them.


Here’s a new thing: Rotten Tomatoes are withholding the score on A Bad Moms Christmas until 9PM Pacific tonight, and revealing it on their new Facebook Video show:


The movie is already playing at cinemas here this evening.



I was hoping the main character was a different Lefty. :wink:




Holy shit


Not exactly the greatest negotiating tactic in the world but I admire Tyrese for doing what he thinks is right, even if it is unlikely to go very well got his career.