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Shame. I hope Ayers hasn’t ayerised it too much.


It’s definitely not Dirk Gently. Reminds me more of a humorous Valiant style mutant book, really.
But yeah, I thought the first season could have hit harder at the end, but was solid. Haven’t seen the second yet.
I’m definitely all in for Bright though. Gangbanger Orcs. I need that.

I hope he has. One of Landis’ main weakpoints is making things a bit too samey.
Dirk Gently and Green Valley really surfed more on the aesthetic and tone.


That still looks so good. Can’t wait.



For a second I was afraid it was going to be about Master of Disguise


Heresy. The Master of Disguise would be the perfect subject for a doc called “Too Funny to Fail”.

I mean, think about it.


Funny to Fail works even better.


That would imply that “Master of Disguise” was funny.


No it doesn’t - it works ironically. Like “Too Big To Fail”


All this just starts down a path and keeps on going;

I don’t need to see another rule breaking, shoot first, cop movie right now, even one that looks well made.



I loved Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea. I would see this just on the strength of those two films. It looks incredible though.



One thing that does seem interesting about it is that it seems to be fairly equal in distributing its sympathies and perspectives, making us root for the bad guys and the good guys equally (and even switching what’s what where that is concerned).


Because they’re all bad guys. :slight_smile:

It’s not about finding the heart in the villain, it’s about showing the darkness in the hero. A valid choice of course, but I’m fed up with it and I also wonder; perhaps this isn’t the right time in America for a gung-ho cop who doesn’t follow the rules?


Good to know this is still alive in some form. Would love to read the rest of the book someday.


What do you mean? The second issue just came out this year.
More than enough for now :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a tie with Thor Ragnarok for my most anticipated film this year. Not kidding even a bit. I’m glad to see it’s getting good reviews.


The second issue was out 2 years ago. :wink:

(It’s 2017. :wink: )