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For anyone who wants to do some “technical consulting” for show biz, I heartily recommend Altman’s original MASH (can’t use asterisks properly for that title on this board!). Particular attention to the contrast of the Korea shown and the movies being touted. Rarely is there an overlap on the Venn diagram!


If people haven’t seen the original World of Tomorrow, go do that. It’s on Netflix for Americans.


You mean M*A*S*H?



Helen Mirren could read the phone book and I’d I’d watch it.




Man, that second trailer had really sold me on it as well.
That’s disappointing. I was hoping for insanely ridiculous fun.


I just heard Mark Kermode’s review, he said he could feel his IQ reducing as he watched and when it had reached the correct level he found it entertaining. :smile:


That sounds a bit more hope inducing, honestly.

I was just having some faith that Dean Devlin could deliver the goods.


I think she’s wildly overrated. She was outclassed by Jessica Chastain in The Debt. But I guess other people can like her. Reading phone books.


Man, she gets up to the J’s and my heart goes all pitter-pat!



Been to the Winchester House. Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve known some epic hoarders. It’s like being a hoarder, but instead of stuff this one was building the space for stuff.

Excuse me. Must change clothing to something blacker.


I don’t keep up to date on all the Godzilla variations but;

That looks like they’re using the recent American design?


It’s officially part of the reboot that started with Shin Godzilla, but it’s a distant sequel so presumably the designers had a lot of leeway to do what they wanted with him.



Screw it. I’m still looking forward to it.


That new trailer for “Shadowrun” meets “Alien Nation” looks really good. I am not a great fan of David Ayer, but I think I may like him better as a director only on a movie he hasn’t written himself. And I find myself liking Max Landis’ stuff more often than not. I know he is disliked for the way he paints himself on the net, but Dirk Gently was awesome (if not entirely Dirk Gently), and so was Chronicle.


I heard rumors that they redid his script and Landis slogged it off on an Instagram livestream a few months back.


I gave up on not-Dirk Gently and I couldn’t finish his ‘Frankenstein’ either.

This, I will make time for.

Every trailer makes it look a little bit dumber, but it still looks like fun.