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That’s a great article. I like the part where he draws a distinction between storyboards and comics - too often you see people talking about them almost as though they’re interchangeable.



I liked Man on the Moon…but anyone else rather have a doc about Andy himself?



Carrey has been touring on this film saying it was such an enlightenment but he really comes off as a bit unhinged.


Yeah, that goes without saying after that Fashion Week interview. Going on about how “we’re nothing” and “we’re just tetrahedrons”


Instead of playing up the fact that the movie touts Martin Scorsese as an executive producer or simply stating that the movie is a good excuse to stare at Mr. Alicia Vikander for two hours, Alfredson has basically just been warning people about his adaptation of the Jo Nesbø novel.

“Our shoot time in Norway was way too short. We didn’t get the whole story with us and when we started cutting we discovered that a lot was missing,” Alfredson told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.


I gave you all the script, Mr. Directorman


Frank Oz restores dark original ending of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ for Trump era (exclusive)


I want to believe 12 Strong is going to be good, especially since I know/knew some of the guys in real life, but I just don’t think it will be.


How come?


The trailer looked like it will either be the overly sentimental heart string puller or Blackhawk Down (but with a better ending). I’m hoping for the latter.


What’s wrong with Black Hawk Down’s ending? Asking partially because I went to school with the brother of one of the soldiers who died (not featured in the movie). Seems pretty straightforward to me as a harrowing experience that finally ended.


‘WWZ 2’ still has David Fincher, but it doesn’t have a script he likes yet;


It looks a bit similar to WE WERE SOLDIERS or HEARTBREAK RIDGE which were crowd pleasing without downplaying the sheer insanity of warfare.



I hope that’s the type it is. On a separate note, I heard from guys in the know that the team this is based on offered to consult on the movie but they went with some SEALs instead. So now the folks in that world are rolling their eyes at the movie already.


That seems like a… dumb decision. Was there an explanation for why?


I’m not entirely sure but I think it has to do with the SEALs in question are more familiar with the movie industry than the SF dudes. Reading between the lines I think this is their post-military job: movie consulting.

Edited to ad: I’m not banging on the SEALs for this. I’m glad they’re using people who are from that world and are working to get things right, I just think it would have been too easy to get some of the actual guys there.