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Sure, every system will be flawed to some extent. (And in fact I always assumed that a majority of critics don’t use star systems and the site makes a call most of the time.) Doesn’t mean one isn’t clearly better than the other.

Yeah, I agree entirely. Blaming the critics when a movie bombs is a way of externalising blame and perfectly understandable, but it’s very unlikely. As I have said before, I thinkt he main function of critics - apart from maybe shedding some light on aspects of a movie I may have missed - is to bring attention to small movies that would otherwise never get a more than minimal audience. But to think they have much of an impact on blockbusters seems very much like an exaggeration.


Who am I to deny anyone their 3% extra enjoyment of a film? :smile:


From the description, it’s nothing ground breaking, and Warner Bros are right not to recut the film, it’s not something that would sell more copies. The people who buy the film want Kubrick’s cut.

But putting the footage on the next DVD/BluRay/Download as an extra would probably persuade a few fans to shell out for it again.


I think the only thing that would be good to add back into a theatrical cut is the documentary sequence from the start of the film, which would have had various SF authors and scientists talking about spaceflight.

But apparently Kubrick had all prints of that section destroyed, rather than it being lost.


It’ll be in a vault somewhere, next to the outtakes of the moon landing.


I dunno. Like, the last time? My acid ran out, like, five minutes after the movie.


Personally, that 3% is the difference between my favourite film and all the mere “also ran” films. So it’s pretty crucial.

Think about it like this: anyone who ever makes a top 10 list is saying “film #1 is some tiny percentage better than #2”. In most cases, the difference between them is probably more like 0.1% :smiley:



Anyone want to go pool together something? It could all be ours.


I won €25 on the lotto this weekend, I can pitch that in


I have a Visa gift card with $4.75 left on it.


I’ve got a few of the old pound coins that aren’t legal tender any more, you can have those.


Maybe spend the money on something else?


My favorite movie has a greater percentage than that. I’m not even certain what the rest of my top ten looks like at the moment, aside from a few stalwarts, but my favorite hasn’t changed in years, and it isn’t likely to change soon. If it’s your favorite, it ought to have at least a 50% likelihood of remaining there, and a far greater likelihood of remaining in your top ten, at least 99%. Or it’s not much of a “favorite.”


Yes, but if your favourite is “100% great”, are the rest of your top 10 only 50% great? 80% great? Or are they very nearly but not quite 100% great?

I would say my second-favourite movie is at least 99.5% great, because it’s pretty damn great (though not the best), plus I need to leave plenty of room lower down the scale for movies that aren’t so great :wink:


Interesting video in light of our current discussion on RT.



But I’m not using the percentage to determine the top ten, but my favorite, the one at the top. I’m less certain about the rest of the list, even the next nine. This isn’t a pie chart. I’m not saving room for any other movie; whether or not a movie is my favorite isn’t dependent on my feelings about another movie, but how certain I am that this particular one is, hence the percentage of my certainty. What I’m saying is, I’m not basing what my favorite movie is on how close another movie fits the same criteria. If it’s my favorite movie, it ought to be difficult to fulfill those criteria. If it isn’t, I’ve either chosen my favorite rashly, or it’s a low percentage and I’ve merely found it difficult to do so.


Soooo Netflix is going a bit overboard here:

all next year. 80 movies. In one year. Should be interesting…


Gabriel Hardman interview about his work as a storyboard artist:

That Logan art looks great.