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Now that’s a class act. There’s been a lot of “I had no idea, how deplorable”.



And the rest?

Really this has now reached a point where people are going to confront the issues on a wider scale… or not?

This man deserves this reaction, but it’s not about this one man. It’s not even just about this industry.

So, is this going to be a turning point, or just a media circus about one horrible individual.

Only time will tell.


It’s reminding me a lot of the sex abuse scandals in the catholic church, where the first couple of times it happened people gave them the benefit of the doubt, but every time they said “this is the last time a priest has abused someone, swearsies realsies”, it lost a lot of power, not least of all because we take swearsies realsies very seriously. Every abuse scandal that comes out of the entertainment business is a bigger deal than the one before, and media companies seem to be wising up to the fact that they cant hush this up any more.

Of course, it’s incredibly disheartening that it’s been this long and gradual process, but there has been progress.


Here is the New Yorker article:


So. Any guesses on how long it’s going to be until we start hearing Singer’s name again?

I have a strong feeling this won’t end with Weinstein.


I wouldn’t be surprised if other names start getting mentioned.



Maybe Weinstein should run for president, it doesn’t seem to be a problem in that job.


You stole my line. :cat:


Deadline has confirmed that Disney Animation is shelving its Jack and the Beanstalk animated project which was schedule for release on Thanksgiving 2020. Instead they’re pursuing another animated project for that release date, the details of which are still TBD.

In the revised tale directed by Meg LeFauve and Nathan Greno, Jack meets a female giant. Frozen songwriters Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez were also penning songs for the film. Word is that production hit creative hurdles.


Now Mira Sorvino and Asia Argento came forward regarding Weinstein.


When it rains, it pours:


No surprise there.


Feels like the ending of Tommy Boy to me.



They’re coming out of the woodwork:


Looks like it might actually become the former (something I would’ve bet against, but hope it happens).