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The thing about the Weinstein story is that he’s been well known as an asshole for decades, but there was no big protest about it.

It was good press, to write stories about how terrible he was as a boss, or even as a partner on projects. People lapped up the “war stories” of working with Harvey.

But now we’re told there’s another part of this. That along with the violence there was sex, or at least the intimidation and abuse of sex and that means that he’s now a monster.

He could’ve been confronted by the industry at any point for being an asshole and forced to act like a better person or find himself without collaborators in an industry that needs hundreds, if not thousands of people to cooperate to get things done.

He was a successful, and therefore useful person, so everyone let him rant and shout and scream and throw things and basically make life hell for his employees.

He was always a monster. The sexual component doesn’t make him worse, it just makes his monstrosity more diverse.



I’ve heard about the sex rumors for years.
What I wonder now is why it took this long?

You’re right about the asshole part, but the whole “paying people off” and harassment and such I thought had been common knowledge as well.


This happens frequently and the truth is you need a credible report to the authorities they can investigate, for the individuals reporting some confidence they will be listened to. That aspect has changed a lot in the last few years.

Even people outside the entertainment industry in the UK had heard multiple stories about a handful of public figures and sexual abuse in the 1960s/70s but what can you really do with that? Nothing really.


Most tellingly, a woman coming forward to say “this person sexually assaulted me” was not considered a credible report. Nor 5, nor 10. Maybe 20. A nice round number, like.


Look at Bill Cosby. His “proclivities” were an open secret for decades but no one said or did anything. Then, comedian Hannibal Buress makes a crack during a comedy show that someone records and posts to YouTube. It in turn goes viral. It was probably dumb luck and timing that it blew up.

Powerful people who wield considerable influence scare people into silence with threats to their careers and family or a payoff to keep quiet.



On a lighter note



Oh great, the two annoying scientist characters at back😒.


Hunnam and Rinko weren’t scientists though, and they’re nowhere in sight.




Looks like someone’s seen The Belko Experiment.


I really like the short story so that may not work for me.


I know I’ve read the short story and even read a synopsis but can’t remember it too well. The film looks cool though.


As much as I loved the first Pacific Rim, this just left me cold. Maybe the next trailer will work for me.


That apocalypse they cancelled? I guess it’s back on!


Hopefully this will be better.