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Yeah, that’s a lovely touch.



Huh, so they’re playing a giant spider straight? That seems… ill advised. Giant insect movies tends to work better in a humorous vein.



No detail on who she’s playing or how many of the films she’s going to be in.





This stuff has been rumored for so long and so publicly that even I knew about it. From what I gather it’s a lot of casting couch type stuff and potentially rape (the Rose McGowan stuff floated in the article). Who knows how far this stuff will extend however.


Wow. Sounds a bit Streisand Effect-ish.

Interesting that Ronan Farrow is rumored to be writing the article. Sounds like he’s on a mission for this sort of thing to clean up Hollywood.


The Dean of my college literally had PTSD from working for the Weinsteins.


Colin Callender’s Playground and Sonia Friedman Productions are teaming for a contemporary TV movie version of King Lear, with a starry ensemble led by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. The duo is reuniting after seminal early 90s collaborations Howards End and The Remains Of The Day. Richard Eyre will helm the Shakespeare adaptation with principal photography starting this month.

Set in the fictional present, King Lear sets Hopkins as the eponymous ruler, presiding over a totalitarian military dictatorship in England. Thompson stars as his eldest daughter Goneril. Also in starring is Emily Watson as middle daughter Regan, and Florence Pugh will play Cordelia, the youngest of Lear’s children.

Jim Broadbent is the Earl of Gloucester, Andrew Scott his loyal son Edgar and John Macmillan his illegitimate offspring Edmund. Further completing the cast are Downton Abbey‘s Jim Carter, The Leftovers‘ Christopher Eccleston, Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies, Anthony Calf (Riviera) and Karl Johnson (Rome).


Wow, what a great cast.


Bloody hell! He got Bobby and Paulie off of The Sopranos. That’s very cool.



It begins:


I really hope people do not confuse him with Harvey Fierstein.


That looks like an unusual movie. Intriguing.