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Damn, I could have sworn this already came out.


New trailer;


Ya. I thought this had to come out months ago. Did it get moved or something?

Looks like it was moved from January 27th to December 22nd and got retitled. There also appear to be a reshoot done in April.


I can understand the re-title. Very hard to discuss movies on most mainstream and daytime TV and radio shows when it’s on the list of words you can’t say.


At long last! It’s the Shinichiro Watanabe directed Blade Runner short.



The moment the kid comes home to find a different family living in his home freaked me out as a child. I watched it again recently though and it is not a good movie.


I loved it as a kid (the main character looking a bit like me, being my age, and being called David helped). I remember loving the music too.

But I haven’t revisited it recently. I’ve been meaning to try the kids with it for a while.


It’s a bit sweary for a U rated film for some reason, I think Disney got a special dispensation in the 80s. I remember even at the time my friend who is a cinema manager wondering how they got ‘shit’ and ‘bastard’ into a U rating, that has to give you a PG.

Maybe the BBFC guy fell asleep. I often wonder that with some of the censors here, they are incredibly inconsistent at the best of times but ‘no nudity’ is a golden rule whatever the rating. I watched ‘The Constant Gardener’ and somehow a stray nipple got past them in a bath scene. :smile:


Yes, I noticed that the last time I put it on. Short Circuit is the same, an all-ages family movie in which the word “bullshit” is thrown about quite a few times. (That was at least PG-rated though.)

I tend to strategically talk over those bits so they don’t hear it. :slight_smile:


A lot of 80s films are a lot looser with that stuff, Goonies and Ghostbusters are a bit sweary but as you say at least they got a PG. They also let bits of nudity sneak into PG films that they wouldn’t now (Jewel of the Nile is an example).

I can’t say I have watched every movie to check but that’s the only one I can ever remember getting a U with language like that in it. I checked the BBFC and they’ve renewed the classification a few times for VHS and DVD releases and left it the same though.

On the strategic thing my daughter loves a Chvrches song that has one line that goes ‘when it’s all fucked up’ and I just cough loudly every time it reaches that bit. :smile:


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I believe, and I could be misremembering, that Goonies along with Gremlins were the films that lead to the creation of the PG13 rating.

EDIT: I am wrong. Wikipedia says that it was Grelims and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Now there’s a crossover movie I wish I’d seen.


Did you not notice the Gremlins in the opening scene? Why do you think the plane went down?


In the UK they used to go from U (same as the US G), then PG, then 15, then 18. There was no PG13 equivalent. So Gremlins caused a stir when they rated it 15 which ruled out most the family audience.

So in 1989 with the release of Burton’s Batman they introduced a 12 rating (since amended to 12A) which filled the PG13 gap.

Now I have my moan that they rate almost everything that isn’t a kids cartoon or a horror movie as PG13/12A making the rating so broad it becomes almost meaningless.


I’d be more interested if Banks weren’t directing. Pitch Perfect 2 was pretty awful.


Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aren’t expected to reprise, but the film acknowledges and builds on the world they inhabited. Holloway & Marcum have scripted a contemporary sci-fi pic about the secret black clad force that protects earth from the alien scum of the universe, focusing on new characters chasing villains that put the picture on more of a global scale than the two previous films.

MIB without Smith sounds like a terrible idea, but we’ll see. It can’t be much worse than the other sequels.


Smith was fantastic in the first one, but Jones was the emotional anchor.

The second film was a hollow mess, but the third film was ok.

Casting is still going to be key though, even if the script really delivers, buddy pictures need the right buddies.