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Jeepers Creepers 3 has added an extra day to its (extremely) limited one-day theatrical run. The first day is actually today, and the added date is October 4th, better known as next Wednesday.

No release date for VOD or Home Video has been announced.


An extra day of boycotting posts on facebook then.


And a day I have work instead of class, so I can totally make it.


Hold on, you can bunk off work but not class? :wink:


Creep was decent; I had no idea they were doing a sequel.


An update to this story:

Apparently his sister is now taking over the running of the site. I’m not sure that will be enough to allow it to survive.


The sequel to It now has a confirmed release date:


Two years is a decent amount of time to make the film properly.


Adam Savage also loved the movie, his podcast this week is a spoiler-free squeefest

I was ready to dismiss the whole thing, now I kinda want to see it.


Probably too late. Quint and Capone have already left and they’re easily the best writers the site had.

It sounds like AICN isn’t much longer for the world, and it will be weird when it’s gone.



I think AICN has been on the skids for a while now, but those two were still worth a read.


I think it was on the skids regardless. A year or so back someone showed the traffic and it was very poor. Even comics sites like Newsarama and CBR had 2-4 times the hits. It’s a site that never really moved on from where it started.


That was the best thing about it! It’s probably the only site on the internet that looks the same now as it did in 2001 (and earlier).


The most exposure I’ve had with it has been when it was passingly referenced in shows like Entourage and The Cleveland Show.


In a design sense that’s true, but in terms of its approach to news and reporting I think AICN suffered from becoming more ‘legitimate’ over the years.

In the early days they would do genuinely disruptive things like reporting on screenplays that were in the works, obtaining copies of movies ahead of release, or pushing grassroots campaigns on various subjects, and they showed the industry that online movie sites could be quite important in terms of influencing audiences.

But in recent years they’ve moved towards a much more conventional, approved form of movie reporting (in exchange for things like set visits and interviews), and lost something of what made them unique and relevant in those early days.


@davidm, please stop hacking other user’s accounts


Believe it or not, AICN used to have some of the best comics reviews on the internet. Back in the early 2000s, I looked forward to reading the @$$holes every week. Between them and the guys at the Fourth Rail, comics criticism was great back then, which made the hobby even more fun during the medium’s modern-day peak.


Always loved The Fourth Rail.


I first started reading in the 1996-97 time frame with the build up to Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Last time I looked, the site was set up the same.