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There is something about that trailer that is somewhat reminiscent of Star Wars. Can’t think what it is.

Purple hacky-slashy samurai dudette for the win! I do love purple.

I’d say that looks like the greatest film ever except for the fact I saw about 20 seconds extra footage of Gosling vs. Ford in the cinema today in a mini-trailer. THAT jacket! :heart_eyes:


I’m still very, very excited for Blade Runner 2049. I do hope that it lives up to the hype.
The only real question in my mind is whether I have time to re-watch: Blade Runner, Only God Forgives, Sicario, The Nice Guys, Arrival and La La Land before 2049 comes out. :thinking:
It’s looking doubtful, but I’m hoping that I can manage it. I still need to try read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep though. Oh well…

When are they going to release the final Blade Runner short? Monday? I’ll have to start getting excited for Monday.


I’ve not seen Sicario.

La La Land is still the only Gosling film I haven’t seen.

Which one should I watch first?

Not read Electric Dreams in years. I think you’ll like it.

If you’re correct about Monday – that will be the first time I’ve been excited about Monday since forever ago. I don’t like Mondays.


I wouldn’t recommend Sicario if you’re at all fed up or hoping to be put into a good mood. It’s still great though. I feel like I might be the biggest La La Land fan on the board? So sure, go and watch La La Land. Twice. :sunglasses:

With that recommendation I’ll have to read it. I wonder if any more of the book will be in this film? Ridley never seems to talk about it.

Never mind, I think that the short comes out on Tuesday instead.


When I’m fed up, I like to indulge. :slight_smile: In that case, might just watch Sicario first.

I quite like Tuesday’s. Tuesday is Tiw’s Day: the Norse god of war and law. A seeing-red Mars day.


It’s a great book. It is very different from Blade Runner in many ways, but both manage to be great in their own ways.


When the teaser came out for Bladerunner 2045 the shot of the hotel entrance made me think they were going to do the police station scene from the book (which is my favorite part).


You’re not missing much. It’s boring like most Gosling films. :wink:


I heard rumors that they tried to bring back Flash Gordon but since we already have Guardians of the Galaxy…

Also I heard about some attempts to revive the Flintstones but the pitch sounded too much like Family Guy.

It is tricky to revive or bring up something original as we have over 50 years of pop culture and been there/tried that…


People should make new shit.


I think we’re getting a bit too much Blade Runner before Blade Runner. I mean, I remember the Matrix Comics and the Animatrix came out before the Matrix sequels… and they turned out to be better than the movies.

Honestly, the old man in me really doesn’t need more BLADE RUNNER content. The original kinda did everything that could be done with that story and did it as well as anyone could.

I’d actually be a bit more interested in a more faithful adaptation of DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP that captures the absurd comedy of the novel (or novella, really - it’s not that long).


I watched the first short and it wasn’t great. I know that, despite getting Leto to appear in it, it wasn’t necessarily indicative of the quality of the feature but still… I would’t call it a good advertisement.

So I’m not watching the rest until I see the film, and even then I’m unlikely to rush back home and onto Youtube.


From the directors of the excellent Spring, from a few years back.


Spring was about the guy who went on a personal journey (to Europe?) and met an unusual woman? Was that the one? I liked the main actor in that.





There is one man to play L. Ron Hubbard.


No one is going to put him in a film.


His last acting job was in 2014.


I know, but he does have the proper amount of sleaziness.