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Huh. Well, that certainly seems like an unusual movie. I’ll probably go see it.


Seems like Franco’s doing more of a voice in the full trailer, no? Who was it was concerned about this? @Tom_Punk?


Yes. I like the effort and the scenes of their bromance and the self-destructiveness of Tommy’s manic holds look…very well done.


Happy to hear good things about The Death Of Stalin - I’m really looking forward to it.


I know some people here like the Alamo Drafthouse a lot but the news yesterday that they’d secretly had Devin Faraci on staff in the time since his sexual assault charges is pretty icky stuff.


I hadn’t heard about it. A quick Google found this statement from the CEO.

“Nearly a year ago, sexual misconduct allegations were brought against an Alamo Drafthouse employee, Devin Faraci. Though Devin did not recall the event, he did not doubt the allegations. Instead, he acknowledged the wrong, conveyed his sincere regret, and vowed to make the necessary changes in his life to prevent something like this from ever happening again. Devin took the allegations seriously, as did I, Alamo Drafthouse, and Birth.Movies.Death. As a result, we agreed the only course of action was for him to step down from his role as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. We needed to make a clean break and change the leadership, and accordingly terminated his employment. Devin has not written for Birth.Movies.Death. since.

A culture of sexual harassment and gender inequality persists in our society and specifically within the film industry, and much work remains to fix this problem. By engaging in dialogue about these issues, and by holding people responsible for their actions, we can begin to bridge the gap between where we are now, and where we need to be. Without question, sexual misconduct is impermissible. The question is whether there is any path to redemption, and if so, what that path looks like.

Devin has spent the time since this allegation examining the choices he made that led to it. He has recognized and acknowledged his struggles with substance abuse; after stepping down, he immediately entered recovery and has been sober ever since. This is an important step in the right direction.

His departure from Birth.Movies.Death meant losing his job, his livelihood, his career, and his place in the film community, but Devin has started the work to rebuild himself first with the understanding that all else is secondary. Seeing the work that Devin has been doing to acknowledge his faults, to address his addiction, and to better himself, I thought it was important to contribute to his recovery process by helping him with some means to earn a living. Once it became clear that his efforts were sincere, I offered Devin copywriting work at Alamo Drafthouse and have recently expanded that to include writing blurbs for our Fantastic Fest festival guide. He does not hold any leadership position at Alamo Drafthouse or Fantastic Fest and is not involved with Birth.Movies.Death. in any capacity.

I understand there’s some discomfort with the idea that Devin is once again employed by the Alamo Drafthouse. However, I am very much an advocate for granting people second chances, and I believe that Devin deserves one. He continues to confront his issues and to better himself with the help of his friends and family. I am proud to consider myself a part of this process.

Human beings make mistakes, and when they acknowledge those mistakes and embark upon a journey of personal improvement, they deserve forgiveness. If, god forbid, I somehow find myself in a similar place down the road, my hope is that my actions up until this point have warranted others to offer the same help to me.”

I am only reading one source but it seems the accusation was groping on a dancefloor 14 years ago. If so it is deplorable behaviour but I have to say it is one of those areas where it’s difficult to gauge what the punishment should be and for how long, I am a believer in rehabilitation too.

(Rather childishly I initially found myself in the position to immediately condemn as I came across Mr Faraci on Usenet boards 16 or so years back and found him to be a complete dick that was full of himself, that’s not a rational place to start from either).



I don’t know why it’s labelled a teaser, it’s a proper trailer.


so it’s the director and star of Non-Stop, doing Non-Stop on a train?. Non-Stop was actually kind of fun, so I’ll probably end up seeing this.



Harrison Ford is the grouchiest old man ever.

The quote at the end is amazing.


Harrison Ford is Larry David.



Looks great. Doesn’t look like they’ve changed much from the previous design.


It looks like they made the face a little more “demonic” but I think it works.

EDIT: Just noticed the hand is metal instead of stone too.


Yeah, that looks pretty good.


From the director of the William Moulton Marston movie.


I like it, he’s a bit bulkier, less streamlined, the face is good. They’ve built on the actor’s bone structure but not let it restrict them.


It’ll be interesting how they adapt such a sprawling long piece of work into a film. Its strength for me is in how you get to know the characters rather than the plot which I’ve mostly forgotten.


I can see it working as sort of a vignette movie, like Magnolia. Only not as pointlessly grandiose.