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I think it falls a lot in the grey area of any other casting. There will always be moans, is Wonder Woman Greek enough? The actress is roughly from the area. There was a big debate about casting Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out despite the fact that racially he fits and the director and writer who cast him was black.

Just my opinion is that the big issue is casting Asian or black characters otherwise as white characters thus restricting their employment options. The rest is nitpicking at this stage.


It maybe a regional thing too. I know here in the USA there’s the stereotype that all Asians look the same/interchangeable, which is pretty insulting, and so casting like this can fall into that area.


It is a weird area really, as with Get Out you really have regional/national/status ideas poke in. Nobody is DNA testing Daniel Kaluuya, it’s all about where he was raised but acting has always been about making things up. How genuine do you have to get? If you cast Jaden Smith he’s American would he understand the underdog status when he’s been raised a millionaire with maids and drivers? It’s not as if we aren’t sometimes picky about who plays James Bond or Captain America despite the fact that none of us could tell on sight who came from where.

Before I came out here I was under the illusion that there was a clear biological difference between Japanese/Chinese/Korean etc but nobody I have ever met seems to be able to identify it. As I said my Chinese wife went to Japan and everyone there assumed she was Japanese.


Way better than the teaser.
The bromance and self-destructive dynamic looks very faithfully handled.


I have noticed on Twitter that the new slam against Asians is they are not expressive enough. the responses have been somewhat funny(like an asian guy crying on the toilet becuase he is out of tp) I guess any generalization is going to be wrong but it is tough to get roles as an ethnic actor so I think whitewashing is something that should be discouraged.

edit: I’m happy for Daniel Dae Kim though. after that issue with H50, he deserves a break.


It’s not from Twitter, it’s a quote from a casting director.

“I work with a lot of different people, and Asians are a challenge to cast because most casting directors feel as though they’re not very expressive,” one other casting director told Yuen. “They’re very shut down in their emotions … If it’s a look thing for business where they come in they’re at a computer or if they’re like a scientist or something like that, they’ll do that; but if it’s something were they really have to act and get some kind of performance out of, it’s a challenge.”


That is so stupid, you have to wonder if he really believes it.

Anybody who’s ever met anybody of Asian origin (or even just watched a Hong Kong movie) can refute the idea instantly.


Or anyone who’s seen Kamen Rider W


Its not regional, that’s true everywhere. Having lived each in China, South Korea and Thailand, much like Gar, I can tell you there’s no meaningful difference when it comes to physical appearance. Most Asians do get upset when people are culturally insensitive (not just Asians, of course), but there’s a difference between saying “Are you Chinese?” and finding out they’re Korean, and saying “Hey man I don’t speak Japanese” to someone who’s speaking Chinese, let alone actual slurs. Also, when discussed in a polite way, most East Asians will grant that if you took away the fashion, hair styles and makeup, it’d be impossible to say with any certainty where someone comes from in the area.

Getting someone who has the right nationality for every role is almost untenable. I’m sure there’d still be some people who moan, but unless the character is culturally significant (think casting a Chinese person as a geisha in a pseudo-historical film, although memoirs of a geisha actually had casting woes that are worth a full separate conversation), it’s a bit beside the point. A situation like the Korean characters in Lost is a fair example, also. If they had cast actual Chinese people and forced them to speak Korean, that would’ve been a travesty. The scenes set in Korea were already bad enough! (they terribly misrepresented Korea… one example being their wedding scene, set at a Japanese temple). Actually, Koreans mostly ridiculed Daniel Dae-Kim at first for his horrible Korean in the beginning of the series, and for his physical appearance not really matching the Korean standard of beauty (most Koreans would say he’s downright ugly), but they kinda grew to love him as the series went on and his Korean got noticeably better. So even then! Korean-American, and there’s still issues :slight_smile:


The TV series Snowfall, which just finished its first season here in the US, has two British actors in prominent roles. Damson Idris plays the lead and Michael Hyatt plays his mother. They play Americans living in South Central Los Angeles in 1983.

Regarding Idris:

Idris auditioned through video in London before flying out to Los Angeles, where he spent the day with Singleton, who wanted to ensure Idris had mastery of the accent. For the role, Idris practised his American accent by studying his favorite actor, Denzel Washington, as well as a younger actor he admires, Michael B. Jordan, who also portrayed a teenaged drug dealer (Wallace) on the acclaimed series The Wire.

I read that as a “final exam”, John Singleton took Idris to South Central LA and had him interact with the locals. Everyone he talked to thought he was from the area.


I know it’s how she’s been depicted in the comics forever but Amazons weren’t really Greek either. They’re closer to Middle Eastern like Gadot. We just happen to know about them because of Greek historians.


IIRC, Yunjin Kim was teaching him Korean.


Yep that’s true, though I’m sure they also had a dedicated teacher as well!


This looks interesting.




Will he play Present Day Brian May?


It would be a better role than Present Day Freddie Mercury.