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They do defeat him though, they beat him physically and they lose their fear of him, to the point where he grabs Bill and tries to make a deal, which the Losers reject and then rescue Bill, leaving Pennywise to fall into the pit without killing any of them.

I don’t think the film is perfect, I found it too rushed and too blatant in showing too much, but it’s narrative structure is fine.

Nightmare has the cheat ending. Oh you think it’s this? No, it’s that!!! Any catharsis is yanked back at the last second.


I found that it was less falling and more general escaping. But your point of how they beat him is a good one because it feeds into my reply about your “cheat ending” thing.

Sure, because there’s still more to tell. He’s a movie monster and they’ll make more pictures. Does that negate the payoffs of the finales before that? Not really because they had some weight/importance in the moment. Like Nancy overcoming her fear as an emotional force, or Jesse fighting off his possession by coming to terms with his sexuality, the teens from the Dream Warriors using their weaknesses to fend off death etc.

This…they just focus on the physical and then he runs off.




They need to get Peter Jackson to direct it. He can literally change people’s height!


Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me they’ve filmed I Kill Giants? You’ve let me down, Millarworld!


@SimonJones did, last year!



You don’t expect me to remember a year ago? :laughing:


But you remember 40 years ago really clearly!


Because it was more memorable!


A follow-up to this:


Still not who I’d have pictured for the character but at least it’s in the right direction. I see a lot of “complaints” that he’s Korean and not Japanese so it’s still racist casting.


There’s something pleasingly retro about this unofficial poster for Blade Runner 2049.


I’m not seeing lot, I’m seeing some, and most of them are questioning the whole issue anyway. They don’t care that he’s not Japanese, they just don’t think whitewashing matters at all. They’re using the whole thing to push back at the problem.

So they (appropriately) can go to hell.


It’ll always be a tricky part. I live in Asia, nobody can physically tell the difference between Korean and Japanese. My wife is Chinese and when in Japan got approached as a local by every one she met. It was quite amusing as our host, her cousin who’s dad is a white guy from Seattle, was ignored and then piled in with perfect Japanese.

So at that point you are looking at cultural differences really. It’s like a Brit playing Superman or Spider-Man or the wonder of Highlander when a Scot plays a Spaniard and a Frenchman plays a Scot.

As we saw with Chloe Bennett mixed race elements confuse it even more. My kids are half Chinese, they don’t look very Chinese, just a bit if someone tells you, similarly to Chloe.

I’m against whitewashing any characters but there’s also a point where the pursuit for the exact racial purity of actor stinks a little of the kind of worst thing we should rail against.


An egyptian pretending to be a spaniard



Beaten to it! :rofl:


Hahah. I always wondered…could he not have pretended to be a scot?


Disbelief can only be suspended so high.


Well, yes, that’s why I put complaints in quotes. Because it’s clear that they don’t actually care and are just using it as a way to push back. I’ve seen it in the comments for every article I’ve read on the new casting though so it’s a fairly prevalent tactic.

Honestly, I’m not sure where the line gets drawn. I have Korean friends that get very insulted if they’re confused for Chinese. I also remember there was some uproar about how the majority of the cast of Memoir of a Geisha were Chinese.

I mean personal my only concern is that he doesn’t really fit the comic depiction of the character.