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He’s certainly not as A-list as Harrison Ford was when they were shooting Blade Runner. In some ways, I imagine the fact that Rick Deckard was just about the polar opposite of Indiana Jones and Han Solo played against the success of the original movie.

Also, Sean Young doesn’t get enough credit for her performance in the original film. Her role added some important dramatic momentum to the story.



Joking about Emoji Movie aside, “It” seems to be a good litmus test here. It’s at 88% on Rottentomatoes and virtually everyone on Millarworld has given it a “meh”.

Although this was the final paragraph of one of their “fresh” reviews (no spoilers), so who knows.

Full link for the curious:


RT’s method is annoyingly reductive, which is why Metacritic is my preference, like Christian. The Metascore for “It” is 71/100 (very close to the RT fine print critic average of 7.2/10. The thing is, we’re at a point where a lot of people would view a 7/10 as a “meh”.

So you do care what other people think?


For me 5/10 will always be average-to-alright.


I’m guilty of harsh marking - I’d take a 7 as pretty much a “meh”, and 5 as bad.


To be fair, 70% is considered average (at best) in the US grading system and 50% would be failing.


Huh. 50% is a pass here.


When I did my degree 40% got you a pass (a rather crappy useless one but deemed a pass anyway).

Aside from education though I think in reviews it can often mean a 7 is not so great. I remember a computer magazine I used to read as a youngster and they used percentages. Basically any game below 85% wasn’t really worth buying, anything around 50% or lower was garbage.

In a sense though any ranking system tends to only work if you know the context.

If I see a 3 star film review, mathematically it means above average but read the text and it’s usually a big disappointment.


I always felt a 7 means either what you said, or possibly great for niche audiences.

In all the hullabaloo about RT, I’m quite curious how many people actually use it as their sole film thermometer. My gut tells me that anyone who uses the internet to see if a film is good ahead of time probably puts slightly more effort into researching films than just looking at RT ( which has been around since I was in high school!), but maybe my guy is wrong.


Heh. Well, not to sound glum, but I don’t base my opinions on what other people think, to be clear.


Yeah, but it’s in the middle of the numbers :wink:


When I wrote film criticism editors used to tell me not to give a movie 3 stars out of 5, or the equivalent, because nobody reads them. They like to read raves or pans. Unfortunately an overwhelming majority of movies that come out fall in that 3 star range.

With video game reviews definitely anything below a 9, and sometimes even 9.5, is for the scrap heap unless it appeals to very niche tastes.


An early fork of Gamergate was trying to get a mass boycott of various media sources if they any of them gave some upcoming game or other a score of less than 95%


And that sounds like they think every game should be declared perfect, but in reality scores less than 95% can mean death for a franchise or even a development company. So I can sort of get where they’re coming from there, even if these are some of the worst people on earth.

The Marvel movies get the same treatment too. I’m friends and acquaintances with a bunch of editors and the letters they get surrounding the release of any Marvel movie are batshit insane, in terms of the “tomato-meter”. That’s part of the reason my eyes roll back out of my head whenever the latest Marvel film gets a 97% or whatever.


It was more the pre-emptive thing. Like if the game didn’t get a good enough score it was because of evil essjews rather than it not being good enough.


I agree, I’m just talking about why they set the bar where they did.


If it was that easy to get a positive score, surely everyone would be doing it?


I don’t think it’s anything the studio or their marketing is doing.


No, I get that. But you get rabid fans of every stripe.