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Of course, this a forum, not a website that needs readers. No BS.


I take a aggregate of both. :wink:


It’s like I said about knowing the tastes and likes, which you can also do if you follow a certain critic. Rotten Tomatoes to me is a blunt tool as part of the decision making process, I haven’t found it’s wrong very often at the top and bottom of the scores. Like my son wanted to see The Emoji movie as a trailer came on TV, RT gives it 8%, it’s almost certainly shit, then I listen to the BBC film show and the critics and listeners also say it’s shit, so that’s an easy decision.

The more ‘lukewarm’ responses are the more difficult it can be, especially on films that are bold and divisive. I won’t mention the P word but say something like Speed Racer which a lot of people love and a lot don’t like at all. That’s when I find MW comes in very handy because I know the types of things people like and how they overlap with mine.


Or Gods of Egypt, which was a serviceable (if a bit long) adventure film that got the worst rap.



Papillon is a great film and I’ll stab anyone who says otherwise.


Put all hope out of your mind, and masturbate as little as possible. It drains the strength.


I thought he was talking about Popeye.


Who doesn’t like Popeye?


Ugly, hateful people with no life whatsoever.


Matt Reeves is producing the film, which has a script by Book Of Eli and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scribe Gary Whitta. The project is based on the Eisner-winning graphic novel series by David Petersen, and Reeves is producing through his 6th & Idaho shingle along with Boom! Studios’ Ross Richie and Stephen Christy.

I read, and really liked, the early issues of the comic, but fell behind and never caught up.


Don’t know if you get the meerkat ads in the States but this one which links up with a deal for the Kingsman movie is pretty funny.


You needed multiple sources to tell you the Emoji movie was shit?


It’s obvious he’s referring to PMagnolia; or possibly PMan of PSteel.


Ha Ha, not really but I couldn’t of another recent example. :smile:


The Emoji movie is one of those that’s pretty much critic proof. It cost $50m and has made $160m.

That’s not even close to the $1bn that ‘Despicable Me 3’ has made (and lets bring an emoji in here for a moment: :open_mouth: ), but its perfectly good money in it’s own right.

Critics are a factor for some movies, but I still think that most audiences are less influenced by them than Hollywood is alleging or the critics would like them to be.


Oh, I think mostly the reviewers do give honest opinions. But Millarworld provides a key bonus in that we’re a fairly homogenous group; we like a lot of the same stuff, so chances are there’s a bigger overlap than with other people.

I just read a review of the movie adaptation of The Circle that was needlessly scathing in the way it was written. It’s probably correct about the movie though; at least I wholeheartedly agree with its view of the novel (also not great).



I was wondering about that bit. Even when I was 15 that was really creepy.


I read the book in middle school and I thought it was out of place because the climax of that part is already stuffed with elements like the Turtle and the Ritual and so much. So needlessly put in.