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Keep in mind, he co-wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.


I didn’t mind not always agreeing with him. He truly understood the art of filmmaking, and saw it as art, which seems to elude his colleagues.


Nobody is going to find a critic they will 100% agree with, just as we’ll put up a list of our top 10 movies and they’ll all be different. If you do end up following one you’ll tend to find their tastes and foibles and adjust your response that way. As you will with friends, after a very long time posting here I tend to know what Steve or Robert or Christian like and adjust my responses accordingly.

(They can also change their minds, I can’t recall the film now but a couple of months back Mark Kermode rewatched a film on DVD he’d given a rather tepid review to initially and reviewed it again much more positively).


He did it with Dredd and Jack Reacher recently. He’s done the same with Cloud Atlas in the past too.


Thanks Paul, yes it was Dredd I was thinking of.


Ebert did it with a few movies, including Fight Club, Unforgiven, and even Godfather 2 he gave a so-so review to and later upgraded.


This is quite a creative and effective trailer, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s selling a more ordinary movie than it seems.


Yes, that movie is a masterpiece.


Also Blue Velvet



I love you, Tom Punk.


Ebert’s take pretty much boiled down to “It’s not supposed to make sense”…and, like, I sided with Siskel.


Ideally, a review gives you a perspective; I like to read reading reviews after I’ve seen a movie, too, to see what other people thought of it. And critics have an important job at the very least in drawing attention to great independent movies that audiences wouldn’t register if the critics weren’t there to hype it.

Rottentomatoes in and of itself is a very blunt instrument, anyway. Giving only a thumbs up or thumbs down as options doesn’t do the often varied opinions of the reviewers justice - metacritic is much better at this.


I use Millarworld for that :wink:


You’re welcome :wink:


And rightly so!

By the way, don’t watch Magnolia.



I say, if you want to see some good vignettes, it provides a lot of those. But the dang core of the movie is a series of missteps.


The vignettes would be better if the movie hadn’t fallen prey to emotional hysteria. It’s like doing surgery with a sledgehammer.


Completely agreed. The only two subplots that actually work within that realm are Tom Cruise’s (which warrants it) and the intersection of Macy’s and John C. Reilly’s (due to the low key patheticism).


Seriously, I value the opinions expressed here at Millarworld more than critics or Rotten Tomatoes. I may not always agree with them but I feel that I’m getting a truer and more honest opinion.