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They’re great if you bought shares in Orange and Teal.


They look like posters driven by actors’ contracts for percentage of representation on a poster.


I was going exactly right there. You beat me!



An interesting interview with Jane Goldman, that (among other things) touches on Millarworld projects Kingsman and Kick-Ass.


Interesting article. I like Goldman’s work.

I think my favorite story to come out of the Kick-Ass film was Mark standing beside Chloe Grace Moretz’s mom when the they filming scenes where she was cursing like a sailor.


Mark echoed that with us on the annual entries. Hit-girl is in no way sexual ever, any script that dealt with that stuff was instantly ruled out and discarded. Dozens of rape and peado revenge stories straight in the bin.

Of course he and Jane have spoken many times so that they are on the same page is hardly surprising.


Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Pauses Until After Awards Season

Fox and Lightstorm are pumping the brakes on the sci-fi remake Fantastic Voyage. That is so that director Guillermo del Toro can focus on the launch of The Shape of Water, the fable he co-wrote and directs, with Fox Searchlight rolling out the pic beginning December 8. The film is playing the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and is expected to be an awards season contender. Sources said that the decision was made to wait until the meticulous del Toro can put his full focus into prepping and directing the remake before they start spending money on sets. They hadn’t dated the film, but the plan was to start production next spring and possibly make a holiday 2019 release. Instead, they’ll regroup and pick up the lengthy prep next spring and start production by the fall or perhaps earlier. This pushes the film possibly into the 2020 release corridor. Sources said del Toro remains firmly committed to the remake of the 1965 film about a scientist with a potentially fatal health problem who gets five of his colleagues to be miniaturized in a ship and injected into his bloodstream to save his life.



What the hell did I just watch? That looked like one of those super low budget DTV movies but with Arnold in it.


That’s been his level for a while.

It’s getting a theatrical release, but not until a month after it goes on VOD.


It looks frickin’ awesome, like the comedy version of Smokin’ Aces.



Even without the whitewashing element he was a very odd choice for Diamio. Good on him though for understanding the controversy and acting to improve the situation.


That’s what actors do.


His full statement.


I suspect that this one wasn’t a lot of work for him though. Probably a movie that focuses on what the kill team is doing and Arnie just pops up now and then to beat the shit out of them.


He’s getting a lot of positive feedback from it. I suspect it was a collective decision, but either way, despite being a bit late, the right one.

It’s a bit mind boggling that they didn’t see this coming, but I guess that illustrates the problem as much as anything else.



Looks good, but the use of the code/nickname at the end will get giggles. They should’ve lead with that, get it out of the way early.