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That’s exactly what I was thinking when I typed that.


One of the music shops in Dublin has a No Stairway to Heaven sign on the wall, in the exact style of the Wayne’s World one.


Yeah, Norman’s Rare Guitars (in Los Angeles, I very highly recommend the shop, the staff, and their YouTube videos of rare instruments being played by people who know how) do not have a sign, per se, but one does get a whole different response to Roundabout (the Yes one), Smoke On the Water or (lord help me) a poor attempt at Satisfaction than when one does even a stray fingerboard run (even if it’s pure crap) because that means one is listening to the instrument, not what one might be able to do to said instrument. (Yes, I meant “to” not “with”.)

Here’s an example from January.

PS- @garjones - I made sure to find one where Joe was wearing plaid flannel!



This movie still hasn’t come out, and just this week they’re cancelling screenings of it at the last minute.


My friend and I saw that trailer at a showing of Wind-River…and I am not surprised they’d pull a screening.



'Sbin a long time coming



Well done, he’s earned it.


The biggest mistake about that movie must be that in 17th century Amsterdam people spoke Dutch, not English.


sounds interesting :smile:




It’s worth a go, and definitely Farrell’s finest hour (or two).
Aaand what everyone else said in the rest of the thread. :slight_smile:


This has a bunch of new poster art.


The mother poster is decent if a bit unoriginal but the rest are pretty terrible.


For this special screening of IT, all attendees should arrive dressed as a clown in order to attend. :frowning: