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you are a stronger man than I, Mr Jones


Not really



Well… they know how to pick a frame for the Youtube page.

I’m at work though, so I aint cliclking on that now.

Yeah so… my producer came up to talk to me while I was typing that…:unamused:


The thing about the Swedish chef is that yeah, that’s almost exactly like a few local accents far north and through Värmland. :smiley:


The best part, depending on your definition of best, is that that shot is a minor part of the trailer. It’s a film about Patrick Stewart marrying Glenn Close with John Malcovich as her ex-husband.



Speaking of distracting accents… looks like it could be fun, but it’d take me a while to get over how not Russian they all are for such a topic o.O


At least you weren’t playing Galaga…


I want to see that immediately.


And it is sorta dated in the sense that Johnny Mnemonic is laughable for thinking that you needed to replace part of a human brain to store 320 GB of data a hundred years from now.

Personally, I feel like Baz Luhrman would be a great choice for Neuromancer. He made the 20’s in the Great Gatsby feel like it wasn’t really set in the past but in some alternate reality present. In fact, he captured the sense of people living in the 20’s that they were on the cutting edge of the future. That’s kinda how Neuromancer reads today. Like it is in some alternate version of the present that could have happened. In a lot of ways, our real present is as strange and disturbing as the book’s fictional future.



The point was less that Johnny had a lot of space in his brain, but more that it was secure. He didn’t know the password so you couldn’t torture him for it or extract it.



Oh…he should have just laid low and let the movie become a cult classic.


Oh Luc, shut the fuck up.


Well, it’s interesting. This is a well-established international director who is challenging the notion that Americans continue dominating the popular film industry. He’s exhibiting frustration. He wants to be seen as a martyr. Eventually it’ll happen, that any country can produce a worldwide blockbuster, but the time isn’t here yet. Marvel movies are ripe for backlash anyway, right?


American culture travels well. Not without problems here and there, but there’s an established mainstream that millions of people around the world can accept, and even embrace. That mainstream of American filmmaking has always been about reaching as many people as possible, internally and then internationally.

French culture (film culture at least) is less concerned with a global, cultural norm. It’s deliberately individual. It’s trying to be a culture for France, specifically.

Is it really surprising that it doesn’t resonate with the same numbers of people outside France?

Besson doesn’t want to compromise his vision, fine, but this is the result.

I said before, i think he’s really talented and creative but I’m glad I’m not an investor in ‘Valerian’.


How is it that nobody has yet commented on PATRICK STEWART with HAIR???!!! :open_mouth:

Movie looks alright. I will certainly be watching it at some point, simply for Stewart and Malkovich.

“Death of Stalin” looks great.


Or how to construct a clickbait article by taking an aside comment from a 5-minute interview.

Besson didn’t say anything particularly odd or inciting that hasn’t been said a thousand times before - namely, that “Captain America” as a name is pretty jingoistic. Marvel was surely aware of that, and of the anachronism of the stats-and-stripes costume. It’s why they rather ingeniously satirically used Cap as a WWII propaganda instrument themselves, at first, in the first movie.

I don’t think he’s actually seen Captain America, mind you. Or any of the new Marvel movies.