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Lundgren. Lungrend sounds like thirteenth century medicine. And horrible. :wink:


Lisbeth Salander is a genius hacker (The Best There Is), so if the article considered a genius hacker to be cyberpunk, then it was accurate. I love those books, and love Lisbeth Salander, and love Rooney Mara as Lisbeth. I’ll go with it.


Heh. Fair enough. I haven’t seen it in over twenty years, so my memories aren’t all that clear on that.


I think the swedish movies are far superior to the english ones. A lot of it comes from the supposedly swedish accents they wen’t with for the american version. It sounds just like any generic eastern european accent, and I just… can’t.

However, the imagery is stunning at times in the remake. It looks prettier, but the rest is, I think, better in the Swedish ones. :slight_smile:

Advice: Watch the swedish movies. :wink:


New Iannucci:


I generally feel like Swedish English speakers are the least accented in Europe to my American ears. So that is an odd choice.


This sounds more like a norwegian accent to me, but it’s pretty close.


Most Swedes I work with sound American.

I can understand if a single detail distracts someone so much it colours how they see the rest of the film, but the rest of the film is still there.

Both versions of ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ have their merits, but the dialogue in the US version is great, even if it’s delivered in a range of “wrong” accents. .


That sounds like the generic accent that Americans think all Scandinavians have. In actual experience, Norwegian and Danish accents sound closer to that to me but Swedish accents often sound very American.


I have classier Swedish friends, not as common, so they sound British. :wink:


Maybe Swedish people are just the perfect chameleons. :wink:


It irks me to the point where I can hardly listen to the dialogue though.

But I am clearly not in the target audience, being swedish. :wink:


Bloody Swedes, why not listen to what proper English speakers say is the best version of your native text?


Because our main cultural trait is racism and xenophobia.


In more god damn it news:


They should really just remake An American Werewolf in Paris.


I’ve seen the second one. I’ll watch it again at some point. I like how the Swedish versions made Noomi Rapace a Hollywood star. She was my favorite thing about Prometheus, and she was also in Dead Man Down with the director from them. Strangely no one really seemed to care. I would’ve watched it anyway (Colin Farrell), but it was pretty good on its own merits.


I only read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in the original klingon!


i’m disappointed! Noone mentioned the most famous Swedish accent of all time…


I feel the same when I hear dodgy Irish accents…Gangs of New York was painful to me.

…and yes I am trying really hard not to post a Swedish Chef meme.

I haven’t seen the movies, but I did read the books. I liked the first one. It was an interesting locked room mystery. I didn’t think much of the second or third.