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I’d forgotten that!

I’m a fan, I’ve read all his books and stories but… he’s not a scriptwriter.


His X-Files episodes are truly awful. “First Person Shooter” is probably the worst episode they ever did.


How about his comics? Were they good?


Those I haven’t read.

I started reading his unproduced script for ‘Alien 3’ as well, but never finished it.


Screenplay wasn’t the problem of the movie as I remember it. Problem was with, well, everything else (except the decision to put Takeshi Kitano and Udo Kier in it). It’s not a surprise that it was the director’s first and last movie.


Johnny Mnemonic is very much of it’s time. It would be fun if they mentioned it in the Neuromancer film like the book did.


I kind of liked it back then because at least it embraced the crazy, but man that was one incredibly cheap-looking and badly-made movie, and that’s regardless of its time. I mean, look at this trailer:


I remember at the time the reason Molly wasn’t in Johnny Mnemonic was because the rights to Neuromancer were with a different production company, so if she showed up in one, she couldn’t be in the other. The situation may have changed in the intervening years, but who knows?


I guess I never even realized that Dina Meyer wasn’t Molly.


She’s ‘Jane’


Ya. I just checked the IMDb and saw that. I’m not great with names. So I had always just assumed she was Molly. I had always wondered why they had left out the modifications.


It really was one of the problems.


Welcome to my world :expressionless:


That’s a genre niche just crying out to be filled.


Mirrorshades of Passion


There are many Nicholas Sparks adaptations, cheap to make and very profitable it seems.


I’m not seeing the cyberpunk elements :expressionless:


My favourite cyberpunk films are Blazing Saddles and Mary Poppins. I can’t see how that can be argued with.




Dolph Lungren too!