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There’s nobody with high-tech implants or anything, but LA in that movie isn’t far off Blade Runner’s street scenes, it’s clearly a dystopian nightmare…

Now granted, I’m of the opinion that we’re currently living in a cyberpunk dystopia, so that colours my views.


You live on the North Side, right? :wink:

Edit: I haven’t seen it in a while, but thinking about some of the issues in that movie, is there any movie more relevant to 2017 than Falling Down?


Oh, we absolutely do. But more so now than during the time of “Falling Down”, I’d say.

Part of what I was talking above was also very much inspired by being in Delhi and Bangalore. It’s rather more obvious there.


On the other hand, his biggest success to date involves giving fair treatment to a creative property that has a devout fan following, and his accolades stem exactly from the type of accomplishment it was. Perhaps he’ll have learned an important lesson from that?


Fair point. I jumped to the conclusion that he was given the jobs because the producers saw Deadpool and wanted Neuromancer to have that kind of dynamic (which would be terrible), but maybe it’s all because he’s passionate about the novel.

It’s a bit hard to judge what he can do, given that Deadpool is his long-form/non-animation debut. The irreverent, flashy visuality may be his style, or maybe just what he did because it fits Deadpool.


This is what leads me to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being, as well as his candid way of taking the blame for the crap plot of deadpool. Seems like a guy with a good head on his shoulders at least, and I’m curious what he’ll bring to the table for any future films he may be a part of.


So Falling Down accurately predicted our cyberpunk dystopia?


He dropped out of ‘Deadpool 2’ over budget. They wanted to stay the same, he wanted to spend a LOT more, so I think his version of ‘Neuromancer’ would probably be set in a highly designed world.

He’s also a VFX man of many years experience, and it was his work in game cinematics that contributed to how he handled Deadpool’s fight scenes.

My feeling is that Christian is correct and that this is going to be very influenced by pre-existing cyberpunk ideas and probably quite amped up in terms of action.

If it gets made?


No, I mean Falling Down showed the pre-stage to our cyberpunk dystopia because at the time, that’s what the world was like!

Um, wait, are we now saying that basically everything is cyberpunk (well, except for science fiction and fantasy…)?


Nothing is more cyberpunk than Mills and Boon


It is. Some directors are largely one trick ponies (although that isn’t always a criticism if you want to see more of what they do well) and some can handle very varied material and pull it off.


A magazine feature on Rooney Mara claimed that she had played a cyberpunk icon, and I was struggling to figure out which film they meant. It was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Is that cyberpunk? :confused:


Trent Reznor soundtrack suggests yes


Sure, because everything is! Pay attention!!!

More seriously, I wouldn’t say it is, no. I’d guess that the magazine just thought that if a character is a hacker and has tattoos, that makes them cyberpunk.


Thats more like cyberfluff, except for the soundtrack though.

More recent examples than Falling Down? Or examples closer to 2017?

None springs to mind, but there was something I thought of just the other day that reminded me of Gibsons dystopian feel.

Edit: Jonny Mnemonic? Isnt that a philip k dick though?


William Gibson, although the film is not a great adaption.


No, it’s clearly hollywood action tropes bonanza with a serious case of the nineties.


Jonny Mnemonic is an actual Gibson cyberpunk film, yeah. It just wasn’t a good one.

The other movie that is very close to Gibson’s cyberpunk is StrangeDays.


There’s also adaptations of Gibson’s short stories New Rose Hotel and The Gernsback Continuum, but they’re not very good


This has me really excited. Would love to see a great Neuromancer film.

Gibson wrote the screenplay too. :wink: