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Based on her performance as Lucy on American Gods, I’d cast Gillian Anderson in the role.


Okay, looks interesting. No idea what it’s about, from that trailer, but it feels like it’s Aarnofsky’s “Romesary’s Baby”.


Isn’t that every Aranofsky film?



It’s interesting that earlier trailers made the lasso look like a bullwhip. I wonder if it was something that was changed.


It’s hard to tell honestly. It seems like the lasso has a bullwhip handle? Unless he’s holding a bullwhip and a lasso in this poster:


In that picture, it looks more like rope than a whip – I would expect a whip to be braided leather, and that’s a simple twisted rope.

Also, does it look like that “handle” doesn’t actually join on to the “rope” at the back there?

If I was the suspicious type, I would think it was a re-touched photo.


Maybe the whip is a gadget and extends out of the handle?


Is it a skipping rope?


@Jim, it looks like Chris Pratt is mining comic books for his next franchise:



A movie with that title at Universal? What could go wrong?


Wasn’t he already attached? Or was that a different Chris?


He’s a Universal guy. It’s not the best studio, but they’re all kinda ropey compared to Disney these days. I don’t know much about the comic but I hope it does well for him. He’s still an idiot for turning down Chrononauts.



Passengers was Sony though, right? As was The Magnificent Seven (I think)?



Yeah, Jurassic World is the only Universal movie he’s done since Wanted.


Was that comic the thing with the multiple personality assassin? Or something? Does anyone remember?