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He works for Russell Crowe, according to Wiki.


Mary Johnson is suing on behalf of herself and other completists who insist the distributors of James Bond films were deceptive in marketing a box set purporting to include “all” of the films but missing Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Those two films weren’t MGM films for reasons recounted in our earlier story, but are owned by MGM now.


Soooo… does it include the 1954 made-for-tv Casino Royale? Hmmm?

Bring back the lawyers! We ain’t done!


I LOVE Andrea Romano! Never before - and probably never again - hero-worshipped a voice director a bit. Terrific human! Tried to get down to the Denver Comic Con this year in hopes of saying Howdy, but wasn’t up to it. To me, she is one of the “magic names” in the industry. Brava!


That was a live-tv special, so it doesn’t count as a “film” :stuck_out_tongue:


So sad. She was incredibly talented.


Do we have a threat to talk about movies or is this one?

Because I just came back from War for the Planet of the Apes. Matt Reeves is a %&#$ing genius.



War for the Planet of the Apes even has its own spoiler thread.


Shin Godzilla (or Godzilla Resurgence as it has been retitled for western audiences) is finally getting a UK cinema release this Thursday (for one night only). It’s about time!


“Need to be” may be too strong terminology.


Yeah, out of that list the only one that needs to be is the Running Man.

Why would anyone remake the Walken version of The Dead Zone?


Apparently the TV version was good? I never saw it though.


Of The Dead Zone?

Yeah, it was alright.


Amazon Studios has acquired Lucy and Desi, the Aaron Sorkin-scripted drama from Escape Artists that has Cate Blanchett attached to star as TV’s pioneering star Lucille Ball. The feature project has been percolating a couple years. Escape Artists Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch will produce.

I’m told that there already is movement toward finding a big star to play Ball’s former husband Desi Arnaz, with names like Javier Bardem in the mix, as well as for Fred and Ethel — originally played by William Frawley and Vivian Vance — who rounded out the quartet behind one of TV’s classic early sitcoms.


Damn it, I keep seeing “Luci” and “Desi” trailers around Manhattan every now and then alongside filming crews and I thought this was the answer to that question for a bit.


Cool stuff, but most of those aren’t really bloopers, as the actors don’t break character. It’s improvising because unplanned stuff happens. The only actual bloopers would be Leigh’s reaction and Schwarzenegger’s.


Obviously Blanchett can act, but if I had to cast a Lucy (possibly my first celebrity crush (the TV persona), even though I was a kid and the real life actress was elderly) it’d be Greta Gerwig or Melanie Laurent. Googling Lucy just now I came across this:

Critics complained the original didn’t resemble Ball and it soon came to be known as “Scary Lucy.” Its creator, artist Dave Poulin, apologized for the work and offered to remake the sculpture.


Not that I’d know of, either. It’s arguably a twist that more than one person might come up with (like I had the idea that Jesus was the first vampire in 8th grade), but in combination with first looking in the cupboard and everything… so, yeah, it kind of seems like someone might have watched your friend’s movie.

Which is pretty neat, by the way. Especially liked the way the ending was staged a lot, and the perspectives in the second one.


What you mean to say is that it’s strange how we’ve all gotten horribly old suddenly oh my God where is my life gone???!!!

Also, as someone in his early forties, I am kind of offended that Stiller is supposed to be 47 in that movie. This is what people think fortysomethings look like?! Stiller is in his fifties and he bloody well looks it! He’s no Keanu.