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Yeah, and them not having confidence has led them to going for the generic route everytime.
The novels have style, they are distinct, but everything in the trailers and promo materials have been seen again and again.

Including that promo that was literally just “see it’s connected to other stuff” despite the trailers making the world feel small and empty rather than a sprawling adventure. It’s just the city and some empty buildings to have fights in.

Eh, the books get dumb as hell during/after book four.


The simplified version, I think, is what I mention above.

@Tom_Punk, an accurate version of the books probably would’ve had, I don’t know, Woody Harrelson playing Roland. I love Idris Elba, and personally he’s a huge draw to see the movie, but character-wise he doesn’t make a ton of sense to play Roland, because he doesn’t fit the Western profile.


I don’t mind Idris. He just has no western flair, just an off putting strapped to the nine’s vest and longcoat.
He says some oath and shoots well. It loses a bit of visual cues because it’s so divorced from a western aesthetic.


Bingo bango, I think you just nailed what the real problem is.


Haha, that’s probably it.
But that’s also what I was trying to say about the books having a style, but this doesn’t.

Or it does, but it’s one that doesn’t really feed into anything.


My biggest problem with Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies was that although he’d clearly invested a ton of creative energy into them…it was more his than Tolkien’s. King’s work in the Dark Tower books, to my mind, does have a distinctive feel to it, and that’s part of the charm (or if you’re me, why they’re so hard to read). They clearly decided to go in a different direction for this movie.


Aye, but it’s bypassing some of the things that hold it together. Instead of a quest, it’s contained, instead of stemming from cultural roots, it’s weird and alien, instead of poppy it’s, like Flagg here, toned down and dry.

I hope you enjoy it though.

It only got hard for me to read when King stopped trying to be a neo-western-arthurian quest and started taking everything from every fiction. Strangled a simple thread.


It seemed to become his bid for posterity, which kind of became ridiculous after a certain point. For my money, his timeless work is The Stand, which by the time he first tackled the Dark Tower, he’d already written. But he became committed to the series, and when he was recovering from being sideswiped on the side of a road, he decided to finish it in a frenzy of activity. He had already connected so much of his work into the framework of the series, that he was absolutely convinced that it was his magnum opus. Then of course mainstream audiences started taking to his “serious” material like “The Body” and “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” seriously.


I have not seen the film, but I must write a review.

Needs more George Romero.



For me it’s Eyes of the Dragon. It’s just a well done fairy tale that goes in further places here and there to not lose King’s signature mark, but feels so believably rendered as a small snippet of some aged fantasy. I love it.

Yeah, the sideswipe led to the series pretty much crumbling down. I don’t mind the Dark Tower being a tentpole for his universe, but the fact that everything starts invading weighed everything down after a certain point. Wolves of the Calla is an absolute mess and a chore.


Between the two Talisman books with Straub, some Dark Tower - around Wizard and Glass, I think (one of the best ones). The Stand mini-series, a couple kids and long before being smacked by a van SK went through some “interesting times”.

I would refer y’all to the Zyborg in Heavy Metal.


Hoo-boy. Garth did not like this. He’s writing like he feels like Miqque on a bad day. Oh my.


Getting back to ‘Death Wish’ briefly; I assume they’re going for a mainstream audience that wants to see bad guys being blown away by Bruce Willis. That’s been a pretty good genre to invest in, at least it was for many years.

Roth normally has some kind of point he’s making, under the flash and the blood, so maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Can’t say I’m all that interested though.


I just watched the trailer. Or rather two half trailers. The AC/DC soundtrack totally changed the tone.


Roth was mentioned that the core of Death Wish is a “badass revenge story” and that he pitched the studio inventive death scenes to get the job. Sounds likely to be not.


He wanted to get paid. I can respect that. His career is fine but he’s been tipped for bigger things for years. I think he’s talented.

I’m still not interested in the movie.




I’m surprised they went with someone so young.


Damn, I thought Tom Hardy was a pretty good choice.

Who was he in the Mummy again? Don’t remember much from it.