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Never having read the books, I would guess they adapt the final (?) book. I truly doubt the ratings will be there to justify going past the one season.


I’ll be shocked if they even put the show on air after the movie bombs as hard as it’s likely to. But the show is supposed to be an adaptation of Wizard & Glass. I’m bummed that the movie is likely terrible, but when I heard who was making it I knew there was a solid 95% chance it would suck.


I think they’re talking about the Divergent series, Chris.

Although you’re right about the Dark Tower show being dead in the water.


Weelllllllllllll in the books…

Tris, the main character, dies The movie stomped all over the last book. :slight_smile:


I need to know, does Miles Teller’s character live?


Try wikipedia, they often have plot summaries of books, movies etc.


I hated him in the first book, lol, but…

Yep! He lives.


True, but Hank is right there. Thanks Hank!


Haha, whoops!

If they were actually going to do a Divergent show I would think going full reboot would make more sense than anything else. But no one in Hollywood cares about my opinion despite my years of experience giving my opinion on the internet.


Or they can just stop giving them to Akiva Goldsman to adapt. At this point, he’s far more miss than hit.


As if we couldn’t see the writing on the wall.
The wall in the main lobby of Sony HQ that reads Sony.


I was expecting this so be a bit more serious. The humour and that AC/DC song feel totally out of place considering the story being told…Oh well, it gives me the excuse to post this gem.


To complicate things further – The Dark Tower movie is largely based on the first book but starts in the middle of the series with a reference to something from the final book and also works as a sort of parallel sequel to the entire book series as a whole whilst, at the same time, operating as a standalone movie in case it doesn’t get a sequel, but contains enough set-up and foreshadowing for said sequel just to be on the safe side. There is also some allusion to The Shining and It amongst others, books or movies or both - whatever your preference - so the entire enterprise is a bit divergent and very ambitious especially when you consider the plans for the TV series. It’s turtles all the way down… :dizzy_face: I think I need to lie down now. :tired_face:


I heard of the leaked ending.

I think someone realized they weren’t getting a sequel.


Stephen King posted today that he basically has four big projects coming out in short order. I’m thinking the real deal is the new It, and somehow his most personal series Dark Tower - is getting the studio shafting treatment. Big stars. Short run time. Minimal real interest from stars re: film.

I’m going to make a wild guess (and save the thirty bucks for the theater) and guess this to be a jumbled pastiche, maybe with some good visuals or even scenes for truly die-hard fans.

But I doubt it.


Man, I think most fans would be turned away that they made this look like an average fantasy film.
When the first book is filled with western imagery before going insane.


Maybe the trailer is misleading. I’m just happy it has finally got this far at all.


I dunno, it probably ain’t worth it to have a movie that makes a property look bad on such a grand scale.
Like Green Lantern


Yeah, from everything I’ve read it sounds bad. Or even worse…bland. Which is something The Dark Tower should never be. It’s so full of crazy.

It’s not something that really lends itself to a blockbuster film. Maybe it could have worked as a TV show on HBO, AMC, or FX, but now we’ll never really know because I can’t imagine anyone will want to touch the property for a long while after this one tanks.


But I wanted to get to see Oy on the big screen. :cry: If you all don’t go to watch and support this one then I won’t get to see him. :disappointed: