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So I was watching this trailer and the main gag (at about 1 minute) in it really shocked me. Not because it’s scary but because it’s right out of a short film an associate of mine made (at about 12 minutes in).

Is this some kind of trope I’ve never read of? Are any of you familiar with it/seen it before now?


Yeah I’ve read a few Creepypasta’s that all have that basic set up. It’s been around for a while.


Interesting. I’ve read a few creepy pastas but I guess I missed those.



Of all things, my buddy Garth ranked it with (shudder) Battlefield: Earth. We were noobs webmastering in the day, and got these horrendous rushes like the spoor of a hellbeast. It looked bad, it was bad. (The book was actually okay.) Everything bad that was not in Manos: The Hands of Fate showed up in BE. We have not evoked it for years. He broke that. Emoji Movie might … be … worse.




Creepy but with no reveals as to what it’s about. Good one. :slight_smile:



Typical “trailer for a trailer”!


I still believe.


It’s gotten to the point I can really empathize with Grandpa. :frowning:



I like Cena and Steinfeld, and it’s from the director of Kubo and the Two Strings, but I still have no interest in this.


It begins, I thought it had already begun (and it has in the design and writing and tech development sense) but I guess this is like the unveiling of a foundation stone. Now it’s officially started “production” at the VFX company that will make most of the actual films.


I remember the WETA Works coming into existence as I followed LotR. I have tons of respect for Weta and Cameron, and cannot - quite literally! - imagine what they’re going to come up with by working together.


Rumour has it he will be playing a scientist. Or possibly an inventor. Maybe a scientist inventor. With a name like Doctor Chad Hombre. No, wait… Professor Chad Hombre.



‘American Gods’ Star Ian McShane Joins David Harbour in ‘Hellboy’ Reboot

Ian McShane, currently starring on Starz’s American Gods, is joining David Harbour in Lionsgate and Millennium’s Hellboy reboot.

Harbour is toplining as the demonic hero from the Mike Mignola comic books in a new feature, titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, that Neil Marshall, the horror director who broke out with The Descent and won raves for his work on Game of Thrones, is on board to direct.

The new story sees the hero squaring off against a medieval sorceress who seeks to destroy humankind.

McShane will play Hellboy’s adoptive father, Professor Broom.

The project is eyeing a September start and will shoot in the UK and Bulgaria.


John Hurt was the perfect choice, McShane will be very different, but I’m happy that they got someone as good as him.


Yay!!! Lovejoy :smile: